Sunday 05/21/2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011

emoticonI am officially employed! emoticon emoticonI was really getting depressed there. Was not exercising or walking like I had been. My poor doggie pulled a musle chasing a squirrel, I miss my walking partner. Good thing Mom has filled in for her. We have power walked quite a bit but now the humidity has set in - ugh. At least now my self confidence is back (now that I am working) I feel have a purpose again. I can really sympathize with all the other people out there who have not worked for awhile. All I have to say is "Hang in there, something is out there for you, just keep looking!"
And most of all... keep moving. Thank God for Mom because I could have really back slided. She kept me moving.
So... now back to business. Clean eating & exercise. Started the day walking 1.68 miles and now for some Yoga. With the humidity I will be taking it out side: my version of Hot Yoga.
Have a wonderful day my Spark Friends, I always love your support and most of all, being there.

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