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O Granny Where Art Thou?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Today made this whole week of rainy weather MORE than worthwhile!

Weds. I joined with 21 others on our Ride of Silence, and what a SOAKER it was...! Thankfully only 8 miles. Other than that? NO cycling until TODAY! Rain was still sort of in the forecast, but nary a drop came our way as we traveled 'round Skaneateles Lake. (btw, Skaneateles is pronounced something like Skinny Atlas...brings to mind a waif-like scarecrow holding the globe on its back...lol!) Some folks were kidding about having to hurry up and get our ride in quickly before the Rapture arrived! www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/a
Rapture Ride, someone else quipped: Hey, if I'm gonna go, I couldn't pick a better time for it to happen: while I'm out on the open road on two wheels!

Here's a couple of pics as we're preparing for our launch:

It was a foggy, cloudy and grey start to the ride and looked like it might yet rain after all. I quickly joined with a fellow in the lead with his recumbent bike...we were pretty similarly paced. Felt good to cut loose and RIDE!

These are pics from our noontime stop downtown Skaneateles:

A few took off early to start heading down the west side of the lake. One fellow said "I'm feeling SLOW today. Even though I'm getting a head start I KNOW Don will come whizzing by me soon enough! Lol! I really am not TOO competitive when cycling, although I'll admit to some streaks of this. Mostly, I'll tell ya, after a childhood of being picked last when forming sports teams during Phys Ed or being splattered against the wall during Dodge ball it feels SO FINE to have something athletic in which I actually EXCEL! I just love to PUSH myself when out on my bike! Today, however, there was a down side to being so fast, I later learned.

Here are some of the snazzy and / or unique homes around the lake. There were so many, I just couldn't stop for ALL of them!

Near downtown Skaneateles:

Overlooking the lake:

Although this pic doesn't do it justice, I deliberately took a shot that was less than ideal as there were folks outside sitting in chairs, enjoying the afternoon...wanted to respect their privacy:

This was an old railroad car converted into a home! How cool is that?

On our way down the west side of the lake the clouds blew away and opened up some blue skies with the puffiest of clouds behind!

You know, being out on wide open roads under skies like these...?
Life rarely gets better than this!

I had the pleasure of meeting a young college-aged fellow wearing a Greenpeace bike jersey while riding down the west side of the lake. He wasn't a member of our club, but was kind enough to notice when I inadvertently hit a pot-hole one of my water bottles popped out onto the road. He scooped it up, caught up with me while I was snapping some pics and gave it to me along with a compliment: "I've been following along with your group around the lake and gotta say, you are one strong rider! The rest of the group is way back there!" I thanked him for the compliment and shared with him how far I've come in being Alive in the World. He said he was looking forward to having a beer at the bar in New Hope, a little further down the road. I said "Have one for me!" And he took off! Except, we ended up hop-scotching each other right along on back to Scott, which is where we began.

Although some members mentioned that the west side of the lake had some more serious climbs than the east side, little did I know what EIGERS we were going to face! OOF! And what was worse? My bike got cranky and decided it wouldn't shift on the left side down into first.

O Granny Where Art Thou?!?!

Did I ever need those granny gears BIGTIME! I managed to climb most of these hills in the bottom of second gear, but the last one? It was walkin' time...! Ol' Greenpeace sailed by me and I shared my tale of woe. Finally near the top I thought I might try to finish the rest in the bottom of second. Wouldn't you know: It shifted into first! Grr!

Here's Greenpeace riding off ahead of me:

After the ride was finished and the others with whom I car-pooled (only a couple bucks to help with gas...!) had arrived I found out that one of the things that held them up was changing a flat tire but THE OTHER thing that held them up? The ride leader remembered hearing from another club member that there was a really cool waterfall off the beaten path of the bike ride. So the three of them managed to find it. Had I stayed back with them instead of buzzing on ahead I would have been able to enjoy seeing this waterfall also! Grrr! Ah well, I'll remember that this fall when we most likely make this trek again to enjoy the fall colors!

I later found out that we climbed over 2300 feet during today's ride! All within 40 miles! That brings my new total miles for the season up to 287 miles.

Got home and spent over two hours FINALLY catching up with my lawn-mowing...combined with my ride this REALLY knocked my socks off...! Mowing was so tedious as the grass was so tall I had to go over and over it before the grass got cut decently.


Night all!


PS: Guess they called off the Rapture:
youtu.be/aZQ5zC9mG5Q Have to save it for some other cycling outing...lol!
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