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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Well....since I have an hour before being picked up for my first postoperative appointment, I thought I would get a blog update in!

I was nervous the whole time on our way (the procedure was in Fargo, an hour south of where I live). I was most worried about the contraption they'd use to hold my eyes open. *shudder*

I have to say that the entire experience was amazing. I got there a few minutes early, but I walked up to the desk, where they had a big bowl of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups emoticon How funny is that!? I, of course, skipped them and started the paperwork. Everyone was super friendly (I mean, c'mon, I'm not that chipper at 7 a.m.). They had me do some testing on my eyes, like a wave mapping, and other things. Then, they brought me to the examining room where the assistant talked me through everything and explained what I would be doing postprocedure and for the next couple of weeks (with drops, 4 different kinds). I was told to take a 4+ hour nap after the procedure and then put 2 kinds of drops in each eye every hour until I went to bed.

Then, I saw the doc himself, who looked at my chart and seemed pleased with how "straightforward" my procedure was going to be, and asked if I wanted to go with the bladed surgery versus the bladeless surgery. I chose the bladed one (much cheaper), and we shook hands and he said it would be about 20 minutes before we started.

So, I went to pay for the procedure, which turned out to be $1490 for the procedure plus $300 for the next year's worth of appointments with my eye doctor at home. The $350 coupon? Turns out the fine print says it is only for the platinum package, which was $2000 each eye. Wish I had been a smart cookie and read the back, but I didn't. Lesson learned. Oh, and the doc said that running the 5K on Friday will not be a problem, but that it wouldn't have been a good idea to run the half the next morning. Okay, good choice made there.

I then was taken to the procedure room, and laid down on a nice table, and the assistant handed me a stuffed teddy bear. I almost laughed, but actually was happy to hold onto him throughout. I had troubles staring straight at the light. The light kept moving!!!! But I'm sure it was my eye moving that made the light move. Oy. So, the right eye took a second try, about 2 minutes total, and the left eye took about 1 minute. Seriously? I was done? It went SO fast. No pain whatsoever. After 20 minutes in a dark room with my eyes closed and reclining on a nice soft, buttery leather recliner with a blanket on, I opened my eyes and they stung a little bit, but I could still see enough to walk. Got some eye drops in, and sunglasses put on, and left! I was given Xanax before and after the procedure, so I slept all the way back home and then crawled into bed and slept for 5 hours. When I woke up, after I put all the eye drops in, I blinked, and could see near perfectly!!! My right eye has a mild blurring to it, but so faint I can hardly tell! I am shocked by how fast my eyesight was restored.

SOOOO, an update on the contest between my husband and I. The contest is whomever reaches the 0 first (him 180 and me 160), gets the PRIZE, which is pedicures for me, my sister, and my mom if I win, or he gets to blow $50 at the casino guilt-free (his includes gas since the casino is 45 miles away). He rarely goes, since he supports my being gambling-free, but does like to go once in a while and never spends more than $20.

Anyhoo, here are the stats from3 days ago, 2 days ago, yesterday, and this morning:

Start (3 days ago): Me ~ 166.4 and Him ~ 184.8

2 days ago: Me ~ 164.6 (down 1.8) and Him ~ 184.8 (0 loss)

1 day ago: Me ~ 164.4 (down 0.2) and Him ? (I left before he weighed in and he didn't weigh in after asked)

This morning: ~ 162.4 (down 2) and Him ~ 183.2 (down 1.6)

This is a close one folks, but I have only 2.4 pounds left to win, and he has 3.2!!!

I have been keeping my calories between 1300-1500, and on Monday and Tuesday I worked out like a FIEND. Yesterday and Today there is no working out, and tomorrow is the 5K. I will then work out as able while keeping sweat out of my eyes.

Yay!!!!!!!! I am down a total of 4 pounds since Monday. I don't care if it is water weight. What matters is getting in a healthy manner back down to 160. After that, I am so ready to tackle the 150s. SO READY!!!
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