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Paleo Diet Examined- Addressing the wooly mammoth in the room.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Those of you who read my blogs know I post a lot of Jon Barron's articles. For those of you new to my posts, Jon Barron is my top source for health information. Read the article and you will get a good sense of why this is so.

I don't post all that he does, if you like him, you will subscribe to his free newsletters.

I have a few friends that like the Paleo Diet. This in typical Jon Barron fashion is a very honest, fair treatment of the Paleo Diet. He neither is for or against it, rather he examines it, explains it, and evaluates its pros and cons.

Here is the link to his article.
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    I am not by any means as eloquent and well read as DOTSLADY but I can say I have tried every combination of macronutrients and I can say I feel the best without the things Paloe Diet excludes: grain, dairy, legumes. I also have Celiac disease and though I thought I could tolerate the other things I gradually found I could not. I think it is much more natural for me to eat meat, veggies, fruit and nuts and stay away from the crap as much as possible. I do also susbscribe to the "primal" side that is more lenient and I do drink wine. If I didn't also have dairy intolerance I would have this as well. The big evils of industialization and farming to me are the refined grains, sugars and the "Frankenfoods" people eat today. In addition, even if Grok did eat some grains, the grains we eat and the beans and whatever else are so far removed from what they were that it is not the same thing we are discussing. GMO and industrialization have made the wheat of today and the wheat of paleo era 2 different things. If they had it, it is certainly NOT what we have today. We have to do the best we can with the tainted food system we have and for me that means Paleo all the way!
    2344 days ago
    Okay my friend. What I like about Jon is that he can be thorough. What I don't like is he wasn't thorough enough on this one. ;0) He didn't go much into the reason why people do stay on the diet. Yes, there are continuums within the community - as I stated earlier, it's a personal decision based on one's health and fitness level. I'm autoimmune paleo, so I must be more strict until I grow healthier. Other people are in prevention mode (bless their hearts). Gluten is the biggest gut offender, then dairy, then legumes, etc.

    It's neither here nor there to me Jon's details and diversions about raw meat (wouldn't compromise my gut w/THOSE microbes), heated meat (thanks to Jon for article on overcoming HCAs - interesting!), osteoporosis. I had osteopenia on dairy and grains. I overcame it walking and excluding grains (still ate some dairy at the time). I expect to get even better w/out dairy and will let you know when I am tested again.

    He writes about soaking grains and nuts. Who DOES that unless you're "into" food and know about it? Certainly not the average person. And yes, some paleo-ers do it, but it's usually gluten-free grains. From what I've learned so far on my own journey, there are good and bad things about every food. The devil is in the details, and figuring out what works for your own DNA/biome.
    Also, triggering the celiac gene is not hard to do. It requires eating gluten and being stressed, getting a virus, getting pregnant, or having surgery. Good luck w/that! Though "only" 1% of our population have the disease, 6% have gluten sensitivity (and that # keeps rising). Do not think that a negative celiac panel blood test is the end of THAT story. Celiac can be asymptomatic. Gluten can attack other organs, not 'just' the GI tract. Hear my siren warning! LOL.
    emoticon emoticon

    Please read a few books about it, then try it for a month before judging. Though Jon seems in the end to support it as a "clean" Meditteranean diet, he's forgetting the bigger picture by getting bogged into details imho.

    Also, re: "high" protein ... it's not! It's a serving of protein at a meal - that's HIGH? Dr. Art DeVany recommends skipping a meal or some Intermittent Fasting. Anyway, Dr. Cordain's paper on acid-alkaline base:
    2344 days ago

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    Being a student of life, I have decided Mom had my answers, home made, fresh ingredients, eat your fruit and veggies! It was pointed out to me over 30 years ago, that the first 3 letters of diet are DIE. None of the popular diets seem logical to me. I have sharp tearing teeth and big flat grinding teeth, so seems I was designed to eat a variety of foods.

    I have also noticed that when I was young, fellow kids and I fit comfortably in a bell curve. Most were "normal" weight (hate that term), with very few really heavy or really light. Now I cringe when I pass schools and see the state the children are in. The bell curve has moved considerably to the heavier end of the spectrum.

    I have also noticed several things that I feel caused this to occur. I am no scientist, just an observer that as I went from skinny to fat, most of Americans seemed to go along with me (Oh no, is this all my fault?). I drank way too much Coca Cola from age 16 to age 40 (6-10 cans a day, often much more) as well as watched a lot of TV and NO physical activity to speak of. From 16 to age 18, I grew 4 inches and put on 5 pounds. From age 18 to 21 I put on 10 pounds by order of the Air Force, they didn't want me to blow away! From 21 to 33 I basically remained the same weight. At 33 I started a slow increase in weight until age 40 when I started trying to reverse it. Then, I really gained weight after I hit 45.

    So looking back to when I was 33, what changed? Sugar changed! Sugar was replaced in most packaged foods and drinks with High Fructose Corn Syrup. When I got serious about loosing weight, I didn't do very well. I quit eating HFCS and lost 60 pounds in about 8 months! I gained back some (20lbs) weight and have lost it again by watching the ingredient label. I told a friend about this and he dropped 30 pounds by just eliminating most of the HFCS that he was eating. Funny thing about him is that he was eating a lot of what he thought was healthier foods that was loaded with the stuff!

    I keep reading the HFCS is the same as sugar in the body, but I really wonder. As I said, I am not a scientist and I realize that what I saw may have happened as a coincidental cause.

    Thanks for the link, I will have to see what he has to say about that!
    2345 days ago
    Damn, right when I had a hankering to hunt me down a sabre-toothed cat!

    I suppose I'll have to settle for braining a couple of salt water fowl with my sling or clubbing some baby seals....they're particularly nice wrapped in banana leaf after you roast it in the fire pit
    2345 days ago
    Jon Barron is verbose ... what a long article! I read some last night before retiring, but couldn't finish as I need my beauty sleep. ;0)

    So far, all I can tell you is to concentrate on the sentance in which he wrote, "But mostly there are testimonials. Now please understand, I do not make light of testimonials. I find them potentially as valid as many so-called scientific studies."

    Without finishing it, know too, that 40% of our population has the celiac gene. It may not be expressed, but continued barragement with gluten and dairy will help that along. What's the base of the food pyramid? I cannot speak about the lectins from meat, that's a new one on me; but I have read that lectins from legumes poke holes in your villi.

    If 40% of the population has the celiac gene, and there is no mainstream thought about LEAKY GUT (of which celiac is but the tip of the iceberg) ... what about those people falling through diagnosis cracks?

    I'm all about saving my gut (major hub of immunity), and if someone like Cordain shows me a way to do it, I'm listening, cause, man, I do not want to die a slow, miserable death like so many people do, inlcuding my family!

    Also, btw, Dr. Cordain wrote The Paleo Diet in 2001, THEN wrote The Paleo Diet for Athletes in 2005. Just a lil slip. Yes, we should soak our nuts ... but nuts are supposed to be eaten in moderation (like so many things). Everyone's got an opinion, and it's ALL based on their individual personal health makeup -- we're all different, ie have different biomes! That's why different diets work for different people.

    I'll talk to you later! ... I have more reading to do, but I have to paint the fence before it rains and while the weather is so agreeable!

    emoticon ALSO: try it for 30 days and tell me how you feel! THAT'S the ticket!
    2345 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/17/2011 11:30:43 AM
    Fascinated by the title, I just had to read your blog. Now I just have to check out the link : ) Life on the internet can be such a meandering journey : ) Love it that I'm retired and can meander to my heart's content.
    2345 days ago
    Interesting, but I think I will stick to the LuckyDogDiet. It is much easier to follow.
    2345 days ago
  • REJ7777
    I took a peek at Jon Barron's site, and listened to one of his podcasts. It looks pretty interesting. I subscribed to his free newsletter. Thanks for the tip.

    Have a Sparking day! emoticon
    2346 days ago
    Nice cartoon! :)
    2346 days ago
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