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Monday, May 16, 2011

So, today I weighed in for what was the end of the BL 17 challenge that I was in. After eight weeks I had a one pound gain. Niiiiice..... But, I DID lose one inch.... in my boobs. Hubby will be real pleased about that one...LOL!
So, obviously I was not in the right mindset for the challenge. I wouldn't even have weighed myself if it weren't for the challenge. But, today, I am starting anew. And I'm doing things the way I want to do them. I am not doing any challenges. I am not doing anyone's meal plan. I am not training for any kind of exercise ideal. I am doing what works for me. And what works for me is taking life one day at a time, one meal at a time, one exercise session at a time. ONE GOAL AT A TIME!
The one goal I am going to work on to start is simply this: Make better choices. That's it. I'm gonna go type it on my Sparkpage under my program right now. Okay, done.
I am eating what I want. I'm not eating EVERYTHING I want, but if I want to have a V-8 because I want to treat myself, then gosh darn it I will have a V-8 even if it is crazy high in sodium. If a V-8 is a treat for me I'm doing it! If I want to have a bowl of cereal for a snack then I will. There are worse things to eat, which I will not be eating, not because I am depriving myself, but because I am doing what is best for me and those things are not it. I can have them, if I want, but I don't want!
I changed my Sparkpage, and I re-arranged and deleted some stuff. I have a nice even number of 50 sparkfriends. I have a nice even number of six sparkteams that fit on my page. I have OCD a bit, LOL.
I deleted a bunch of foods on my favorites. I think tilapia smells like a barn and kinda tastes like it too, so no more eating it! I don't really care for the 100% whole wheat bread I was eating, so why am I eating it? Off it comes. I get Country Hearth Honey Wheat. It is not whole grain but at least it doesn't have HFCS in it! I am going to make healthier choices, but I am going to eat food I LIKE!
I'm going to do the exercise I want when I want. Right now that will be Zumba and going for walks. I will do strength training sometime. Just not right now. I have to get the habits going that I really like to do first. If I try to do something I don't really like to do and therefore, don't want to do, I'm not gonna stick with it.
I don't need to be in a hurry for anything. I don't need to try some fancy plan that is so strict I feel like I am torturing myself. Yeah, I have my 20th high school reunion this fall. But I am not going to be skinny by then even if I was totally stict and stuck to a plan perfectly. And who says I even have to go if I don't want to?
I do have my doctor appointment in October that I want to have lost at least 30 pounds for. But I'm not gonna kill myself to do it. I will plan on weighing less at the next appointment. Even if it's one pound less I will have succeeded. I've got to stop being so hard on myself.
I feel so free already!
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  • TISHA80
    emoticon I'm so glad that you have freed yourself. :) It is easy to feel unsuccessful when we aren't achieving our goals, and that is often because we have set the bar a bit too high. I really think it's important to enjoy life as much as possible. If eating certain foods or doing certain exercises makes you miserable, you shouldn't force yourself to eat those foods or do those exercises. To me, being happy is much more important than a number on a scale. My goal is to be healthy and happy, not skinny. You are right that it is very hard to stick with a plan that you don't like. Eat the foods you like, do the exercises you want, and just be conscious of what you are doing. As long as you eat somewhat healthy and are active, you will see changes in yourself. It is possible to lose a ton of weight really fast, but that doesn't mean you'll be healthy, and you probably won't keep the weight off very long, either. Take it slow, enjoy life, and be happy! :)

    emoticon Don't worry. Be happy! emoticon
    2379 days ago
    You are right. I was happier l;ast time I made better choices. Ia m going to dot hat same thing. What is best for me.
    2380 days ago
    Do it for you, at your pace! Love this blog! I need to clean out my favorites too, but I don't think I have anything on mine that smells like a barn lol

    2380 days ago
    I did something similar at first. I started by just tracking my food with the nutrition tracker, and made changes until I was in the right range consistently. Then I added in cardio and started tracking it, too. After a couple of months of staying on track with cardio, I added in strength training. Now, I'm tracking fitness, but food only occasionally when I feel like I need a "tune up" in that area.

    For me, focusing on one thing at a time made the whole idea of becoming fit and healthy more manageable. I will admit, though, I haven't lost any weight since January! So, I don't know if you should take my advice or not. LOL!
    2380 days ago
  • TREP13
    You know yourself better than anyone else. I think you have the right attitude. Good luck friend!!
    2380 days ago
    Awesome and wishing you continued focus and success
    2380 days ago
    For some people, I would think this a bad decision. For you, I think it is the right one. It is all about mindset, and determination, and like you say, good choices. I truly believe in your ability to make those choices for yourself. Steady changes that you can live with long term are the way to go. Finding ways to make it all mesh with a happy life is the key, for certain. I don't think it is about making excuses for you, but for making adaptations. Therein lies the difference, grasshopper. I fully support you in this, and I know you can keep things moving in a positive direction. Now, by that, I don't mean just keep losing boobs, ok? I'm losing 'em too, my sports bras are all too loose now and I have to go shopping. Ugh!! I'm going to assume for general purposes that your inches and mine actually came off the rear boob, not the front boob. Ok?! Ok! We'll call it "back sculpting". Go us!
    Have a wonderful wonderful day! emoticon
    2380 days ago
    great blog, hope you find a great outfit for the reunion
    2380 days ago
    Woohoo, i love this post!!! It's so true. I don't have to rush for anyone, this is my journey.
    2380 days ago
    Good luck! You have to do what works for YOU and you only. Make healthier choices most of the time, get some exercise most days of the week and it will work! I hope it goes well for you!!
    2380 days ago
    You have come to a great conclusion here. Do what you like! You can be successful doing and eating things you hate, but why do that if you don't have to? If you had a choice of losing 100 lbs in 12 months and hating every second of every minute of the whole 12 months, or losing 40lbs in a year and actually enjoying your activity and foods, which would you choose? I think we know your answer from you blog and I think you have the right mindset. I wish you so much success in your new endeavor.
    2380 days ago
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