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pittburgh marathon tomorrow and update

Saturday, May 14, 2011

hi all

first thank you for checking up on me while i have been absent!

sparking and internet is hand in hand lol.
netbook still out there somewhere being repaired ;p

I don't feel comfortable writing my blogs on my hubby's comp LOL
don't have the free flow feeling.

but anyways!

tons to update, not much time.... so i will summarize


picking up the package today ;p
race is tomorrow... will definitely post my experience tomorrow ;p


as you know the last few entries here i was on a high on a high!
i was feeling sooo awesome!

and it all crashed!

best to explaing it as...
when you have a crush....you are all excited you don't know what is instore!

then you initate and find the guy/girl is ok wil going out.... you start the ball rolling!

2nd date.... 3rd date.... you keep going and things seem going well!

Then you find either.....he/she likes you only as friend....or that it's just a lot of work!


lol what I mean is as friend...you are sad....but it doesn't mean relationship ends there! you still can hangout!

with my lifestyle change, it felt like "now, ok, i got here... now what!" am i happy, not really, i want more! I am still looking! sigh!

But i am too tired from the rush to get here, to continue!

so I took a break! i have not stepped on the scale... but i think it may have gone up!
but i think i look fine,.... no pics!

it's ok... I need this.... some normalcy!


ok so, the dating is going well, or the bf/gf relationship is established!
it feels like WORK to keep it together!

this is HOW I FEEL last 2 week!

I decided to cut down on the 5 miler and p90x for the last 2 week!

HOLY Fat batman!

I mean... the packs I was working on, POOF GONE!

So it got me thinking! WHAT WHAT DO I WANT!

I do want to accomplish my abs of steel challenge! but it means to continue that regime forever?

i mean these past few days, my hubby "forgot" what i looked like before...

was a little disappointed that I turned "flabby"...or he can tell! (good way, nothing bad)

but i got the WOW i work so hard, and 2 wks of slacking gets me HERE?
and my slacking is still 15 miles a week and 3 p90x and zumba!

what do i do?

still working it out!

i am HAPPY where I am, my size 4 jeans don't zip up anymore!

I know its SALT SALT SALT!
and the HM training!

I didn't run as much, I don't want to injure myself, legs feeling funny!



after the HM tomorrow, I have no more races til SEPT!

I want to focus on the p90x and run shorter nd only 3x week instead of 5-6x

I want to find and MAINTAINABLE forever solution.

and if the wieght comes off slower...whatever ;p

b/c now i am eating as much as when I was training and working out less!

SO as of next week, I going to restart.

my stomach stretched and so I need to go back to tracking and being accountable!

I can do this!

sorry for the ramble!

i didn't know how to write this blog

spark on

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • -CORAL-
    I have been there so many times! work work work... then it feels like too much work... then take a break.. then start over again! Somewhere there is a happy medium! Nutrition is very important! I am working on that now. Try eating less, eating clean. Don't have to work as hard with exercise that way. Happy sparking!
    2500 days ago
  • THESB25
    It's so hard when you work to get to a place, but your body naturally does not want to stay there. Stay healthy, stay happy and always remember to give yourself some credit. Some "flabbiness" comes from overeating or salt intake, but always some comes from our bodies naturally wanting to keep that on. Work out and lean out, but always throw out the negative thoughts about yourself. You are a machine girl! You just ran a half marathon without stopping! WOW!
    2500 days ago
    Go April Go! You can do it :)
    2500 days ago
    I can't wait to hear about it! I knwo you ROCKED IT!! WOOHOO!!!
    2502 days ago
    Good Luck to you!!!! Wow you are amazing!!! Can't wait to hear about the race, you ROCK!!!
    2502 days ago
    Good luck on the race! I hope the rain doesn't slow you down!
    2502 days ago
    2502 days ago
    Good luck! You're going to rock it!
    2502 days ago
    good luck on your HM tomorrow! I hope you find that nice balance of exercise that is maintainable. :)
    2502 days ago
    emoticon Have a great HM Run tomorrow!

    2502 days ago
    Have a great HM! Spark on!
    2502 days ago
  • NINNY165
    I am right there with you. I ran my half last week in Indy. I managed to to finish in a little over 3hr my personal best. I trained the best that I had ever. The race was over before I knew it. Now what? I have picked a shorter race in September so I am excited, but it will only be a 15k (9.3 miles). This is the point in my mini that I tend to slow down 6-9 miles. But I want ot take the summer to focus on losing twenty pounds but adding in some zumba & strength training. i do believe that you have to find a plan that works for you. I don't lose weight when I train but love the thrill of just saying that I am training. Hang in there you will find your grove....Good luck on your HM!!!
    2502 days ago
    Run April Run!!!
    2502 days ago
    I think its great you are trying to find your normal spot. Remember you want to be able to keep that goal so it may look different then you originally hoped. Don't fret though you proved you could do it. I think I am adjusting my goal too I like where my body id getting and if I am a 4 at this weight I only need to go a little further and tone.
    At bext we have gotten crazy fit~~ emoticon
    2502 days ago
    Congrats and good luck tomorrow!

    As for your weight fluctuations, I know you're frustrated, but ask yourself this: "Can I keep up this exercise regime forever? Do I WANT to?" If the answer to one or both of those is NO, then you need to revamp your whole program NOW and find something that works for you and will continue to work forever (your HM/Marathon training notwithstanding.)

    Consistency is key in any program; consitency with eating AND exercise. You just have to find the balance that works for you.

    emoticon emoticon
    2502 days ago
  • STEPH01234
    Good luck tomorrow!!
    2502 days ago
    Good luck on the marathon!!
    2503 days ago
    rock your marathon girl!
    2503 days ago
    Rock that half, Girl!!! emoticon
    2503 days ago
    ROCK that HM tomorrow!!!!

    You're gonna smoke me out the water on our first HMs!

    2503 days ago
    Good luck on your half marathon tomorrow!! I'm sure you will do great!!
    I think we all go through phases. There are always ups and downs in life.
    I like your plan. You do need to find something maintainable forever. And you will.
    2503 days ago
    All the best for the HM!
    2503 days ago
  • IONA72
    I blogged about similar feelings, and I'm still working it out too!
    Enjoy the HM tomorrow, cant wait to hear about it. Just an easy 5K race tomorrow for me! Haha.
    2503 days ago
    I think it's perfectly normal to go through those phases with anything. I've been here over a year, and well, every now and again I'll do the same. Get excited, and then for one reason or another I get a little complacent or lazy. As long as you are still here that's what counts.
    2503 days ago
  • MINDY502
    Know how you feel April kind of lost some of my spark too! I know what I want and I am far from done so I know what needs to be done. You have done such an awesome job so far and I know for you it is challenging to find a place you can be happy and maintain. Irregardless of all that you look awesome now and have come such a long way and you have encouraged so many people! Wish you the best on your marathon, You can do it!
    2503 days ago
    It's good to re-assess and restart. I have restarted so many times. The difference between those who succeed and fail is that fact that we who succeed do pick ourselves up when it counts.

    You are your own fire...burn brightly!
    2503 days ago
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