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When do I get 2 Wake Up & leave OZ?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I hardly know where to begin? I've missed Sparks and all my Spark Teams & Friends so MUCH! But the land of OZ is still predominant right now in my life. So I'll try to start at the most recent and work backwards. Forgive me- if I repeat any thing unnecessarily.

Mothers Day- around 5PM that afternoon, I decided to venture out with the Hounds. We've missed our routine so MUCH! And my body is showing it! It was finally a beautifully warm day and windy with more Storms predicted in the week. So I grabbed the younger Basset Hound "Bandit" and took off. I had some struggle getting out with him- both older Basset Hound "Blue" and Ever-Ready were very upset and acting up. So we made a quick exit from the house asap! We got out and was hoping to do our short Loop of the 3.0 mi. total with all being done. We got about half way- and DARN, that stupid viscous Chow that got Bandit about 3 yr's ago was lose- AGAIN! Not being up to my usual "fuff spark shape", we made a quick reversal of the route instead to head back home without any dog confrontations. When I got to the front door, I couldn't open it. The handle worked, but the door wouldn't fully open. Its a double door with huge paned windows and I could clearly see Ever-Ready standing by the stairs of the living room, but he wasn't rushing us like usual. And there was no sign of Blue at all. Being frustrated that walks weren't going as planned- I gave the door a shove. And peaked around it. And Oh my God! Blue was lying there looking DEAD! I immediately just "hauled Bandit" inside, don't even remember doing it or closing the door either. I remember the sound of the leash hitting the floor and Ever-Ready and Bandit trying to get to Blue and me on the floor pushing them away- I soon realize I was kneeling a huge pool of wet? I looked around and saw a trail fo water from Blue to the bowl I keep by the kitchen and I smelled "pee". Blue was lying against the middle of both doors in this and it was horrible! His body was rigid and lying almost upside down. His eyes were open and rolled Up and "flicking" side to side, like he was reading. I tried to roll him up to his feet and realized he was "wet and still drooling" all over. I remember sounds of the dogs in behind me and getting up to "throw them OUT"! Trying to get room and stop from possibly stressing Blue further. I had grabbed the Cell Phone on the way back to Blue and called the Hubby- luck would have it! He was about 1/2 way home! Time being about 45 minutes to an hour due to (by the way FLOODING!) TN, Shelby County is officially historically hit by the Flood of the Century! And we are an island just between all the other counties and towns that are so, so terribly stuck in this mess. So traffic and roads being terrible BAD and some places and things just can't be gotten too- meaning WHO is open and above water in my area to take Blue to?? Frantically getting on the PC, I messaged every Rescue and Friend I had on Facebook and got nothing but lots of Prayers- which I thank them ALL 4! But I needed a VET! My vet- out of town! There are 2 ER Vet's I could find. The one is in a BAD area of Memphis, BTW about an hour of so away! Last visit there with Bandits dog attack was miserable, costly, and scary. Nothing but owners with Pit Bull pups puking everywhere. Scared silly that if Bandit made it- whatever these dogs had he'd get it!

Back to Blue- we ended up still making an hour trip round flooding to one in Cordova. Bad memories as its the one I'd had to use to but a previous Basset Hound to sleep at yr's ago. But they we're wonderful! We were only patients at time and they got Blue back fast to be evaluated. Not good news though. $1200 to do all the Test to "possibly" find what was wrong. A terribly funny story now, but sickening of how we got Blue to the car between my very out of shape husband, me with no arms or hands that work right any more and one very dead weight 100 lb Basset Hound in a fitted sheet? Funny now, scary when we did it. Its a long trip from my front door to that side Garage! So Vet leaves us to talk it over-

A) Blue had a stroke- CAT scans may prove it. And there'd be nothing that could be done if it were.
B) Blue had a Brain or other unfound tumor. Again, there'd be nothing we could do or afford to help him.
C) A disease or side effect I'd never heard of- Vestibular or "Old Dog Disease". Stupid name, as it effects dogs all ages and is caused by a Middle Ear or deeper Infection. We'd been fighting ear problems on ALL the dogs for months. I grabbed onto this diagnosis. The problem was, testing for it too was expensive.

So I begged. The Vet came back and I begged him to just "treat" Blue for the Vestibular. He wanted to run those tests and keep Blue until morning. BTW this is now 11PM that same Mothers Day now. Hubby filthy and still in uniform from work. Me, looking like a bag lady in my scruffy walk/run clothes. I guess the Vet felt sorry 4 us. He made us sign a "denial of care", yeah animals get those too. And gave Blue the shot. He told us that if it worked Blue may or may not get able to be Blue again. This still could make him unable to be a dog and do doggy things. If it worked it could be hours, days, weeks, or never. I just had to go on faith. We finished the paper work, re-wrapped our Blue Burrito into that sheet, and back into the car we went. Still $200 broke on a CC. And into the back seat with my still paralyzed and drooling baby. All the way I've been crying and only just then realized it. It was getting hard to breath for me too by then. So I tried to relax, breath more evenly and whisper to Blue how all was good in our world; all the way home. By home it was starting to build Storms again- the kill storm for the final max Flood Line expected. Lightening was terrible! And we needed to get the dog inside quick. But as men are men- the Hubby had to stop and get Supper! Pizza being the only thing opened still. Waiting in the seat with Blue and praying the Storm would wait too.

I'm sorry- I'm tired! And the hands and arms aren't working right. I have to stop now- I pray that all of my friends here are OK and safe. And I'll be back asap my body will allow me to 2 fill in the rest of this story. Just know- Blue is UP! and making his way back to us. HUGS, Shellpro

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Totally scary story. A pet owner's worst nightmare. emoticon
    1924 days ago
    emoticon emoticon I don't have a dog but I have a canine niece. My sister's 'daughter.'

    So sorry you went through this. Take care of yourself also while you are dealing with all of this. Keep those flares at bay as much as possible.

    emoticon emoticon
    1960 days ago
    I just had the diagnosis on my one cat that she has kidney disease. Her other health problems cost $50 per month for medicine and now the food the vet recommends is $1.50 per 5.5 oz can. But what can you do? They are like children and are loved.

    1961 days ago
    Yaayyy, you're a very good mommy Shell!
    1961 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/14/2011 11:48:22 PM
  • GGMOM06
    emoticon emoticon emoticon so glad he is gaining ground.
    1962 days ago
    Wow! Glad the vet listened to you and that you are seeing signs of recovery for Blue. Hugs & Drooly Prayers!
    1962 days ago
  • ENUFF81020
    Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness... What a horrible, horrible thing to experience. I cannot imagine seeing this or dealing with it or anything. I am in shock just experiencing what you described.
    Praise all that is Good and Holy that he is up and around, coming back to you. I know what you pups mean to you--I know what mine mean to me as well and I couldn't have managed what you did. Somebody else would have had to have did the errand as I sat and panicked and made myself ill. Praise the Lord that you had a clue once you heard your options because some of those costs are simply too far out there to wrap our heads (and bankbooks) around.
    I'll keep Blue in my prayers as he continues to recover. Do you need to take him for any follow up treatments? What is next for him?
    Take care of yourself too, my friend. When you get a moment check out my more recent blogs about my wonderful, new doctor. It is amazing what some hope and action can do from a doc who actually listens to you!!
    Gentle hugs,
    1962 days ago
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