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Day 27/1000 DID IT! From Land's End to John O'Groats ... with Nintendo's Active Health Game

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I did it! The walk to Tesco Extra and back via Highwoods clinched it! I reached John O'Groats on my Active Health game at lunchtime today!

Carol Vorderman, who voices the game said:

"Amazing! You walked from Land's End to John O'Groats in 306 days. Perhaps you'd like to try it again and see if you could make the journey in fewer days?"

There was a 'restart' button sitting there, so who can resist? I hit it and whomp!

Back in Land's End to try and beat my record. :-)

I walked 912 miles in 306 days. That is so close to three miles a day, which became my target around halfway through the challenge! I ended up managing 2.9803921 miles per day to be absolutely accurate. I can so beat that score this time around. :-) So let's see, what should I aim for? 4 miles a day? Too ambitious? How about shaving a specific number of days off the time? Try to get there in 250 days? That is around 3.648 miles a day. perhaps that would be a good target. Land's End to John O'Groats in 250 days. Hmmm...

Ready, steady, GO!...

In other exercise, I did my Body Test on the Wii Fit Plus, and danced to five songs on Just dance 2 to make 1141 sweatpoints. I decided against a Random Wii Fit Plus routine however because I was feeling it somewhat behind my right knee after the dancing and didn't want to do myself a mischief. It feels fine now, it was just somewhat tight for a while.

In the food department, I'm off porage for breakfast for a while, so playing with cereal and other stuff instead. Crunchy nut cornflakes with banana sliced on top is one. Rice krispies ditto is another. :-) I seem to recall that they don't fill me as thoroughly as porage, but I also have my nutrigrain bars, and I might look at adding in some yogurt too. Can I eat cooked apple with yogurt? Hmmm... another experiment I think. Apple, apricot and sultana compote with Greek style yogurt for breakfast. Sounds worth a try to me. :-)

So, as Mariokart noises assail my ears in the background as Tara enters her umpteenth Grand Prix, I'll head for my inbox and try to pare it down a bit before bedtime. Been so busy this week that it is really stacked up. :-)

Oh, and Tara has discovered the joy of the Free Jogging on the Wii Fit Plus using the trampoline. She did ten minutes again today, and very nearly 2 kilometres according to the game! She was certainly puffed and sweaty enough for it to be true. :-) That was around 350 metres further than my personal best, so the chase is on! LOL

Hope Thursday has been good for you. :-)
Lex xxx
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