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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just finished reviewing my healthy positive comments for the month of April. It's crazy and so encouraging to read the little and big improvements I've been making! I finally am feeling strong again (physically and emotionally). My health is starting to come first again. It's just mind boggling when I think about how I've gained 20 POUNDS in the last YEAR because of my reaction to STRESS. Well, I keep reminding myself that it is my choice and is in my control how I respond to the stressors in my life. Honestly, this perspective has gotten me to where I am today, 8 POUNDS LIGHTER! :D I look forward to reading my comments for the month of May! : )

(give yourself credit for and concentrate on the little things, they're the ones that encourage you to keep on moving to achieve your goals)

I will give myself off one day a week where I don't have to count my calories. That doesn't mean I can "go all out", but I can consume more than my daily average.

4/1/2011 -
4/2/2011 - went on an outdoor bike ride since it was finally nice out
4/3/2011 -
4/4/2011 -
4/5/2011 - consumed near 1,550 calories, almost under 1,550, worked out!
4/6/2011 -
4/7/2011 - consumed near 1,300 calories, the lowest amount in probably over a year or so
4/8/2011 - first five day streak in a long time attempting to enter all calorie consumption
4/9/2011 - *NO TRACKING DAY* friday night in La Crosse, shared my dinner with my friends (share the wealth/calories!), didn't eat a late night 4 in the morning snack after a long night of partying!
4/10/2011 - planned on just walking on the treadmill and ended up running for 25 minutes straight and walked 10 minutes (warmup and cool-down), probably the longest consistent run in over a year or so, consumed under 1,800 calories, lifted weights which I haven't done in probably a year and a half or two and felt my strength slowly coming back, which was a great feeling!
4/11/2011 - worked out a full 30-minute intense elliptical workout during my lunch at work and ate half of an ice cream drumstick even though it was mint chocolate (my fave!), entered the nutritional information of all the "new" foods I have in the house and separated out the snacks into portion-sized bags as intended by the box serving size
4/12/2011 - ate half of an ice cream drumstick and consumed less than 1,400 calories, day 3 of counting ALL calories I have consumed and not just half the day's calorie consumption
4/13/2011 - weighed in for accountability, started my HLH section on my SparkPage :D. went for a late night workout and lifted weights. Portioned out more snacks; new fave snack is cocoa almonds with dark chocolate flavoring. Ate one portion of the almonds and milk to increase my protein content.
4/14/2011 - Ordered the honey BBQ chicken salad from BWW instead of boneless wings, much healthier and lighter. Consumed less than 1,300 calories, haven't done than in sooo long! : )
4/15/2011 - kids meal at Chipotle and only a half cup of frozen yogurt, i think i'm doing pretty well with my portions! : )
4/16/2011 - *NO TRACKING DAY* still ate pretty well and shared portions with my friends, ate light meats (lobster/crab)
4/17/2011 - chose a small quizno's sub without cheese, great day after my first no tracking day, woohoo!
4/18/2011 - Intense workout today! Burned 380 calories in 30 minutes while on an elliptical. Most I've burned in 30 minutes in who knows how long! : ) Started highlighting the days I've worked out on my work wall calendar, hoping to motivate myself and others!
4/19/2011 - ate under 1,400 calories even though I was tempted to snack on the food I got when grocery shopping; even went before I ate, and I didn't grab "unhealthy" foods.
4/20/2011 - *NO TRACKING DAY* I work up at 5:30am and worked out!!!! If that doesn't scream commitment, I don't know what does. I was running late for work, but instead of throwing the towel, I worked out for 15 minutes and burned close to 200 calories on the elliptical. I even forgot my water bottle, and I was tempted to quit, but I still worked out!
4/21/2011 - Only ate 6 wings, portion control! unfortunately there was also a happy hour involved...
4/22/2011 - Could've eaten more than one brownie or extra hand rolls, but said no. Knew I was full and could not eat anymore. I really need to learn how to say no more often. It feels good to be strong with myself. Went to an Earth Day event, pushed myself to go even though I didn't know anyone...
4/23/2011 - Regardless of the past three "not-so-good" days, I'm going to keep on truckin'. Ate on the low end of the scale under 1,300 calories! Woohoo!
4/24/2011 - Realized I haven't binged in about a month...awesome! Did the entire workout of the 30 Day Shred. The last time I tried this back in January, I gave up after 12 minutes and barely did the pushups. This time, I got a little behind during the pushups, and instead of giving up like I did last time, I rewinded the DVD back to the pushups and finished the workout! :D Made very good choices during my Easter dinner with my Mom, even with her delicious mamoul (Greek date cookies) and ate a small late night snack.
4/25/2011 - Shared a cookie and ended up eating only a quarter of it! Around 1,300 calories for the 3rd day in a row! : )
4/26/2011 - Shared a beef dip (no cheese or sauce) for lunch! Worked out even though my thighs are still in pain from 30DS! My iPod was even uncharged, and I still worked out! In the past, I would've just left the gym. Nope! I even burned 357 calories! : )
4/27/2011 - Went 10 calories over my range today, but honestly it doesn't matter! I made excellent healthy choices today and walked tons at work today! I managed to sneak in a quick unplanned 15 minute workout in my schedule, even after my iPod locking me out and pulling a muscle right before working out! I'm feeling very dedicated to my goal, and I'm loving it!
4/28/2011 - Didn't binge!
4/29/2011 - Worked out for lunch!
4/30/2011 - Walked around Madison and didn't binge

Total days of working out: 11
Goal days of working out for next month: 12
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    good job - good positives and really good work on the not binging - makes a huge difference. Keep up the good work - you are worth it.
    2384 days ago
    YOU ROCK!! Too funny because I also lost 8 lbs this month! It looks like you are following the 80/20 rule and it is SO WORKING FOR YOU! Keep it up!
    2384 days ago
    I love the way that you're honest, accurate, and positive...a sparkling approach!

    Way to go and keep it up!
    2385 days ago
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