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It's on Like Donkey Kong!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

This is Day One of my first-ever Spring Challenge and I am on it! First challenge assignment is to blog every day and pick a habit to work on. So, here goes--

The habit Iím going to work on this week is (drum roll please): 
Recognize and celebrate non-scale victories. (cue applause) 
See, my scale doesnít seem to move very quickly. It just doesnít. Sometimes it gets really boring, just seeing it sit there. Since I have the attention span of a cocker spaniel, this can get tedious and discouraging. If I get too discouraged, I might even start thinking about the Q word. (yes, I confess, Iíve been a quitter)

BUT, taking a page from SparkGuyís book, Iím looking at lots of other things besides the dull, monotonous scale. Here are some NSVs Iím celebrating today:

I took my measurements this morning and, lo and behold, Iíve shrunk! I knew something was up when I had to move down a jeans size. I was suspicious when I kept having ďwardrobe malfunctionsĒ and had to buy a smaller bra. (sorry if thatís TMI) The scale had barely moved, but I ended up losing 6 inches from my waist, 1.5 inches from my hips (they donít lie, baby), 2 inches from my arms, and five from my er, um, bust. Thatís a whopping total of 14.5 inches off the fat suit!!

Fitness Tests: 
I took the fitness tests found in the measurements section. I can do 21 push-ups in a minute, which is good for a woman my age. Side note: Donít you hate the phrase ďgood for a woman my age?Ē Seems like a sideways compliment. Letís just lump it into an acronym, shall we? I can do 27 crunches (the ones where you have to reach a designated marker) in a minute, which is GFAWMA. My score on the 3-min. step test was not GFAWMA. It was 121, which is slightly below average. But heck, that 12 inch step is pretty high, and now I have something to shoot for next time. I also walked a mile in 17:47.7, which is decidedly not GFAWMA, but itís my personal best time, so woohoo anyway.

So, itís on--itís on like Donkey Kong! Go A-Team!!

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