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Day 8, and Here We Go Again

Friday, May 06, 2011

No. I am not referencing Dolly Parton's song.

I am talking about our Spring into Shape Challenge, Video Day 1 with Nicole.

Otherwise known as "The Wicked One".

Today was that stupid kickboxing thing again. The one where she makes it all sound so nice and gentle.

Don't believe it!

I must say, that in some parts, I did see improvement. I actually kept up with her during the first part of the side kick, feet together, squat, feet together. Or something like that.

Anyway, I was doing okay as long as I talked outloud to keep my cadence. Then I took a breath, and forgot to talk outloud.

That resulted in something like side kick, bend, punch, grab the desk, back kick, side kick, turn the other way, punch, bend, grab the desk...........

At least I kept moving, right?

Mayby I should make my own videos. Then other spasmodics like me would understand, and we would all be in our own interpretations of what a workout looks like.

We can change it any time, too. If you don't like to side kick, then you could side hop or something.

I don't do jumping or hopping. I am tired of tipping over when I try.

Our arm workouts could consist of jerking our arms any which way, which is what I do most of the time.

It's kind of like a fling fest with my arms.

The same with those boxing moves. The ones where you jab, undercut, side jab or whatever it is called. It all boils down to punching the air.

So why, pray tell, does she expect me to do it in FORM!!!

I have found that the air is just as dense on my sides as it is in front of me. I mean, if we're going to punch air, who CARES in what direction we are punching?

And let's not forget those Jumping Jacks she expects me to do, either. My arms and feet are not acquainted, and seemingly do not even live in the same neighborhood.

They don't get along, and don't work together. They each have their own idea of how a workout should go, and do their own thing.

Sometimes even feet are doing different things from each other, and arms.........well, they're the wild ones.........never know which way they are going to go!

My workouts frequently look something like a frog in the blender, except I don't get all smoothed out. The chunks and bumps stay, and only my glisten improves.

But in for a penny, in for a pound, as the saying goes.

I don't know if I will actually lose any weight, but if the myth is true about exercising to the point of sweating makes a person think better, then I am definitely on my way to Genius!

Yep. Here we go again. I think I am going to put on my Dolly Parton CD and listen to HER version. I suspect that will be less stressful than Nicole's.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    LOL! I actually bought gloves and those little target things recently, so I could mix up my workouts. I have been in a plateau, so thought this would help. I should have just waited a week or so and saved my money; Nicole's kickboxing is a much more energetic workout than I give myself. Being a day behind you in this challenge allows me to read your blog and be "prepared" for my next round with dear Nicole!
    2452 days ago
    EVERYTIME I read ur blogs about this I get TEARS ROLLING my face as I go into FITS of laughter !!! LOL You just write it up soooo fuur nny !!!!! Now the jumping jacks I can actually do (when i am well enough that is) But I'd FAIL on the rest of it. Hmmm I think Nicole has a SIC sense of humor and LOVES to punish the rest of us, just based on the video's I've tried of hers. Just MHO. BUT ! She's ALL for us tightening up and SO AM I !!! So GET UP and GET TO IT !! LOL cause I am NOT done laughing with you !!!! I look forward to the next blog. Are you GLAD blogging is our next challenge,,,you get do that SITTING DOWN !!! emoticon
    2452 days ago
    emoticon You are doing great.
    2452 days ago
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