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What: White breat has gluten?

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Although this is not the first gluten free week in our home, it is the first week that my husband was aware that we were gluten free (see previous blogs for clarification) so I thought I would give you an update about how it went.

There were moments I wanted to laugh (but controlled myself) and moments I wanted to give up or just scream. Although my husband has agreed to do this, at this point he still thinks I've lost my mind and that I haven't a clue what I'm talking about. He still also has no idea what has gluten in it and what doesn't.

I went to severe him some lunch and really the cupboards were bare and I wouldn't be making a trip to town for another week so I'd have to be creative on what to feed him, so I decided on some BLT wraps with of course the lettuce serving as the wrap. As I was explaining to him what we were having his statement to me was "what, don't tell me I can't have white bread, I know I can't have wheat, but I can still have white bread". This is the moment I wanted to laugh because he was so serious but I knew laughing wasn't going to be my most productive response so instead I this is what I said: well, you can't have the white bread you buy at the store but I have some great news for you. You know that home made bread that I've been making that you like so much? You can have that. It is made with special flours that are gluten free. So really this means you are just going to have fresh homemade bread instead". Then I explained that unfortunately I was out until our next trip to town (It's a two hour drive to get to the store so we don't just stop by when we are out of something). To this he smiled and although found his wraps less than satisfying he was content in knowing there would be bread soon.

Then on Saturday he took our son to a trap shoot for the day and I knew this was not going to be the best thing since I wouldn't be there to help him. Sure enough they had chili with crackers. My son tried to explain to him that he shouldn't eat that and he was sure they would be fine. After all, they were just white oyster crackers. Just the little ones. Saturday he found himself in so much pain he could barely stand it.

Sunday was a good day and he felt wonderful...except for the fact that our son sunk the four wheeler into a creak near by but that's a different story.

Then on Monday he was miserable again. After further evaluation, I'm pretty sure it was the sausage links that he had at breakfast. The sad part was that because of this he decided he could not take the pain any longer and called the surgeon and set up an appointment for Tuesday.

So yesterday we took our first trip to town trying to make gluten free choices. This was very frustrating for him. Usually, he sees what I have in the house to eat and makes his decisions from there, but suddenly he was seeing all the things in the store that he loves that I was telling him that he could not have. It seamed like everything that he asked "what about that" I had to say "no you shouldn't eat that". Then for lunch he had the "perfect" idea. "Lets go to the Chinese buffet, that way there are lots of options in case there is something he can't have". I explained why this was a very bad idea. "Well, could we go to subway and he could just get a different kind of bread?". No but you could get a salad, although really if you have a favorite food at a favorite restaurant is going there and getting something else really the best plan. I don't think so. I think it is better to go some place completely different. The truth is that we didn't really know where to go and the places in Fairbanks Alaska are pretty limited so we went to the grocery story and got some fruit along with a rotisserie chicken. I know that sounds like a great plan but the truth is that he really doesn't like chicken so I am going to have to come up with a more thought out plan for in two weeks when we go.

Actually we are going back on Thursday but it's because he is having surgery Friday morning and we will go stay at a hotel the night before but he can't eat after 4 pm so there are no issues there.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I have to say -- finally figuring out about how to be completely gluten free has been a long hard road. But have conquered it and now fine honing it some more. Finding things I do and don't like now. And will also start eliminating soy. I feel your husband will begin to realize more and more that gluten free will keep him well more and more. I am healthier now that I was 3-4 years ago. Will never go back. also, lactose intolerant, so have to compensate for that. But, most foods with milk products also have gluten -- so that makes it easier to read labels and say "Ah ha".
    2498 days ago
    Lifting your husband up n prayer Stacey.Dealing with pain uses up so much energy and can be exhausting.....Will be thinking of you too my dear friend.
    Echo knows alot about Gluten she can help you as she has to eat like this and has been sharing this with me.
    Helps me for when she comes to visit me when she moves.

    take care,
    love and hugs, Paula:)
    2514 days ago
    He will still need to be on the gluten free diet even after the surgery. The surgery is more to repair some intestinal damage. There isn't a surgery that will make him be able to tolerate the gluten. Crazy thing is that after deciding that he couldn't wait any longer for his body to heal on it's own; he's had two great days in a row.
    2514 days ago
    Sorry to hear he decided to have surgery. I will keep you guys in my prayers.
    Will your husband still need to be on a gluten free diet after the surgery?

    2514 days ago
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