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Monday, 5/2 A busy day with high expectations

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Hi all,

I sure had a hectic day, but i feel good about everything I finished at work today and I got things going here at home as well. I had a day for the kids to practice the phonics program on the computers today. (Kindergarteners, first and second graders on computers is a handful of work--constant calling out of my name because of all of the things that the computers "do" or "don't do" to them, lol. They never believe it when I tell them that they are the reason that "Adobe reader" gets opened up over their screen or whatever else is going on.)) With help from a parent, my volunteer and 3 5th/6th grade students, I checked every first graders sight word cards. I refiled a large crate of files I had gotten out as resources for my National Boards. I did the same with about 10 large binders of materials. I put away 2 boxes of holiday materials also. I did my 2 extra lessons with my first graders. I put holes in 6 sets of 256 sight word cards and organized them for the children who needs them. I feel pretty satisfied with my day of work. Just setting up those 6 computers is a big deal--I have to connect an ethernet cord to each, as well as the power sources and headphones., and of course, taking them down is the reverse. Anyway, it was a day of lifting and bending over.

When I got home, I sat down to work on my own computer when I did my usual activity an fell asleep for about an hour before dinner and then going to the pool. I cannot say I got much done at home, but it seems as if I really needed that nap. It was pretty quiet at the pool, until of course the family I have described before showed up. I am really bugged by the parents who sit in the waiting area, one with a laptop and the other using a phone or an ipod--and they totally ignore their very naughty children. The kids scream for attention that they don't get and they fight constantly. They don't share the single pool toys that the parents provide, they fight over them. (It would seem that if you have two children that you might buy two toys instead of just one.) Their fighting is slapping faces, hair pulling, and worse. They are noisier than just playing would suggest--and they often don't come into the pool until 8:40. It seems to me that a pre-school child and a first grader should be going to bed at that time rather than getting into the pool. I think the parents use the fitness center as a way to get out of being parents and then they finish their time there by bringing the kids to the pool and showering rather than being at home and actually parenting their kids. It really bugs me after an evening of putting up with them. I refuse to talk to any of them any more because they don't need any encouragement for the inappropriate behavior. Strangers and lifeguards spend their time trying to help those children behave while the parents just ignore what is going on. As a parent, I would be humiliated if somebody else had to manage my kids like that. I just don't get it, but I do know that they have created a monster out of the older girl for sure. The little boy seems to be a bit more reasonable, but he is always competing against that girl for everything and then, he fights back. I guess they aren't breaking any laws except the laws of common sense vs stupidity.

I fell asleep again during the writing of this blog--but that is how I typically sleep. I am falling asleep easier these days, probably due to my med changes--I a, getting more sleep bit it is still interrupted. My doctor has put me on increased meds and told me part of the reason that happens is because the meds wear off and my body recognizes increased pain activity. Pain is a complex thing, I don't recognize it in the way my body does.

Tuesday will be different for me. I am not going to work because it is the day of my final scheduled injection. I am going with my daughter on a college interview and possibly taking my son to the Driver's License place. My other son needs to go to DHS to confirm his services as well. Anyway, I will be busy! I hope I can get time in at the pool around all of this. If I can go during the day, I'll miss some people who make it tough to exercise, lol.

Gentle hugs,
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    Get some sleep my friend.. not just the snipits that you mention here. I hope that you're feeling less pain with the injections. Love ya, Dawn emoticon emoticon
    2512 days ago
    My husband & I often remark that parenting seems to be a lost art. As mom2piper said, these kids grow up without any idea of how to live a productive life. Sad, and I truly fear the next generation will only be worse.
    2512 days ago
  • _LINDA
    It seems parents today do everything they can to get out of parenting these days -throwing the kids at grandparents to look after as soon as they are born -putting them in day care or pre school, anything that doesn't actually involve their time and attention. No wonder they become problems. I wish people wouldn't have children if they don't have the time/ energy to actually look after them!!
    I feel for you having to deal with that pool problem. It makes me quite happy to work out in my own home or go to an adult orientated facility.
    Why do these computers have to be set up and then undone, why can't they be left where they are? Or you actually having to lift the monitors, keyboards and towers to a storage location? You could always get the older kids to help. You are supposed to be looking after yourself better!
    I so wish I could sleep at the drop of a hat. I am actually having trouble staying on my agility ball I am so tired lol. Wouldn't be good me falling asleep on it. I have to be lying down to sleep. If I fall asleep in a chair, my head drops and the neck pain wakes me right away..
    Hope you have a terrific Tuesday, and that you have the pool to yourself today and can really enjoy it in peace!
    {{{gentle hugs}}}
    2513 days ago
    Kids not getting "real" parenting seems to be spreading all over! I feel so awful for children who don't have the skills they need because their parents are not there for them or don't have the skills to be parents to begin with...it is a never ending, repeat cycle that affects so many! Very sad.

    I hope your last injection goes well Sylvia! emoticon
    2513 days ago
    You are not the only one who seems to be frustrated by parents not parenting their kids!! As you know, i think those of us who have more than 2 realize... You can't just let them "be" without training them on Expectations, and Proper behavior...

    Glad you got more sleep... and Glad you got your exercise in!

    emoticon emoticon
    2513 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/3/2011 9:50:04 AM
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