My Number, 61 Days to Strength, Speed & Stamina and I NEVER's

Monday, May 02, 2011

I used to have 125 lbs as my number... I’m 5’3” and a small to medium build. I’ve always held my weight well (meaning that I never looked quite as heavy as the scale said). I came up with that number based off some friends of mine who are about the same height as me and weigh around 125 lbs. I like the look of that weight on girls my height and voila! you have my number… But I’ve been thinking about my number and wondering if, with my fitness goals, if that weight is feasible for me. I decided it’s not… At least not this point in time. And if it is I won’t know until I get closer to that goal to see what I look like anyway so I might as well make a goal I KNOW is realistic right? So, yesterday I changed it to 135 lbs…

Here’s how I came up with that number… My first train of thought is that 125 is a daunting little number. The little voice in my head says “How the crap do you expect to reach that weight again?!” and even though I haven't listened to him much lately, because he’s usually a total turd, he’s kinda right about this one. 135 lbs is only 25-ish lbs away from where I’m at right now (minus TOM weight) and very doable. I can reach that sometime between July & September if not sooner (which I'm hoping sooner). I want to look 125 lbs, but if I have muscle I will weigh more. My friend and previous personal trainer, Brittany, is 5’1” and 130 lbs of practically pure muscle.

She’s more muscular than I want to be so since I’m taller and will have more body fat than her (aka boobs) I figure 135 lbs is a good place to start. 135 lbs is still in my healthy BMI range too and again if I feel great and don't feel like I need to "lose" anymore weight, then I won't. I don't want to feel like I HAVE to hit 125 lbs.

So I made 135 my goal and if I feel I need to lose more weight then I'll take it 5 lbs at a time...

Speaking of muscle, as of today I’m starting my own 61 Day Strength, Speed and Stamina Challenge. I’m not going to worry about me "bulking up" because genetically (without taking "supplements") girls can't look like guys muscle wise. Muscle is good... There's a little strength training routine in May's edition of Fitness Magazine (which you can also find on the website) called Beach Body Boot Camp and I'm fitting that into my schedule to get a little more strength training in than what my circuit training offers. I’m doing RushFit for circuit training. It’s made my GSP (Georges St.Pierre… mmmmm)

and his trainer Erik Owings (who’s not so bad looking either).

Plus the girls that are in these video have REALLY nice bodies and are good motivation (as if GSP isn’t enough motivation). This video series is going to give me strength, endurance, stamina and explosiveness (which I’m hoping will help with my running speed). Then I will be running 3 days a week. One day will be 4-6 miles, one day will be intervals (to work on my speed) and then a long run on the weekends.

Speaking of running, I did my first half marathon yesterday!! It was quite the experience and something I never thought feasible. Now that I can do that, I’m thinking “Psh! I can do an IronMan Triathlon one day!” Crazy I know… but now ANYTHING is possible. I’ve pushed my body farther than I ever thought I could. I NEVER would have thought I, of all people, would be running a half marathon… I HATED running in high school, but now it’s a passion of mine. I NEVERthought I was built for long distance running, I NEVER thought I would be a runner, I NEVER thought I would be an athlete, I NEVER thought I would stand out in a crowd, I NEVER thought I could do something that most people think I would be crazy for doing… The “I NEVER’s” can go on and on… but I’ve proved myself wrong in almost all of them and I KNOW I can prove myself wrong on the rest of them…

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    Keep it simple Melissa. Take each day on its own merits/goals. When I finally reprogrammed my mental approach to fitness as a journey vs. a destination, I woke up one morning to find I had accomplished one day at a time what I could never have imagined when I started. Don't sell yourself short....TODAY, and tomorrow will take care of itself. :)
    2467 days ago
    Nice job, you did it! There's a lot of us that never thought we would be runners or athletes - good thing we were wrong!!
    2511 days ago
    COngrats on your first 1/2! emoticon

    Good for you for reflecting on your goal weight and making changes that might be more realistic for you and your fitness goals!

    Your 61 days sound awesome... keep us updated!
    2511 days ago
    Welcome to the 13.1 club! You never truly understand until you've done it for yourself. An accomplishment for sure. Have a great 61!

    2511 days ago
    I am so proud of you!!!!! Way to rock that half marathon!!
    2511 days ago
  • WEEZYB7881
    it's so personal, isn't it? Good for you for figuring out what works for you
    2511 days ago
    I found this article helpful on the subject of choosing a goal weight. It sounds like you're on the right track for you.
    2511 days ago
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