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~~Mega Balls to the Wall FINALE~~

Sunday, May 01, 2011

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emoticon Take an after pic! Preferably in the same clothing/room where you took your before picture!
♦ Same room, different clothing. The after pic is what I took for my 100 lbs comparison shot and I’m wearing the same clothes as my HW starting photo.



emoticon Has your workout consistency improved? Are you working out more or less? What has changed about your exercise habits in the last 10 weeks?
♦ My consistency with core work got a lot better in March and a LOT worse (i.e. practically nonexistent) in April. My upper and lower body consistency decreased somewhat. I improved my stretching a little and stayed consistent with cardio.

emoticon Of the different parts of your body that we worked on- which was your favorite, which caused the most struggle and which did you improve the most? (upper body/lower body/core)
♦ I struggled the most with core but it was probably my most improvement, too; I’d completely ignored my abs up until B2W. To do any core work for any consistency or frequency was definitely improvement.
♦ To be blunt, I haven’t enjoyed ST. I've been bored with my routine but have experienced various obstacles in creating new routines: limitations w/ my knees, lack of heavy enough dumbbells at home, neck pain while doing abs and using resistance bands for upper body.
♦ Lower body is usually my fav but it really felt chore-like. I ended up forgetting/procrastinating/sla
cking on my PT exercises cuz they're a PITA and I dislike them. Then I felt a lot of guilt...and sometimes in knee pain.

emoticon Have you set or broken any personal records for yourself?
♦ Yes!
Pushups: 18
Crunches: 60
Plank: 2 mins 10 secs
New PR in running: sub-10 min mile pace outside! emoticon This is HUGE for me!!

emoticon Have you learned anything about what keeps you motivated?
♦ I adopted a B2W teammate's idea of putting stickers on my calendar to mark my exercise: for me, it was cardio, stretching, upper body, lower body, and core. I also wrote down how many mins I spent on each daily and if I did any non-cardio exercise like taking a walk. This has been SO motivating to have a visual 'progress report'.

emoticon FIND your original Entry card for this challenge, if you posted it in the B2W team- it should be here:
♦ Blogged here, too:

emoticon 1. Ending Weight: 156.6 (-9.9 lbs)
emoticon 2. Retake the 5 measurements that you started with on your entry card, and show the results, you can say how many inches were lost on each measurement, or add it all up for a grand total!

Ending Measurements:
1. Bust: 38 (-2.5) all from the tits, none from the back—yayy emoticon
2. Waist: 30.5 (-1.5)
3. Gut (Navel): 36.5 (-1)
4. Hips: 38 (-2)
5. Bat wing: 12.75 (-0.5)
6. Thigh: 23 (-0.5)

emoticon 3. How much time do you think you spent exercising each week?
♦ Counting only cardio & ST: about 6 ¼ hrs on avg.
♦ With stretching: 7 hrs.

emoticon 4. Do you reach any goals that you set for yourself during this challenge?
♦ I broke out of my plateau and lost both inches and weight.
♦ I did relatively well for my gym’s weight loss challenge and hit my 100 lbs lost milestone.
♦ I had several days at the gym where I felt like an undisputable hardcore BAMF.
♦ I surprised myself. emoticon

emoticon 5. What did you learn about YOURSELF and what you want from your body?
1. I have to pace myself. I burnt out because I gave 100% for about the first month and then had trouble giving more. Moderation and balance, baby!
2. Planning on what/when/how I’m going to deal with a situation (e.g. new B2W mission) is VERY important for my success.

emoticon 6. What was your proudest moment?
♦ Probably my running PR: 5.6 miles in an hour (running 40 mins/walking 20 mins).
♦ Followed closely by reaching 100 pounds lost .

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