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count your blessing

Saturday, April 30, 2011

or in other words,be grateful for small mercies,look on the sunny side of the street,remember that the glass is half full not have empty,every cloud has a silver lining and last but not least there is always someone worse off than yourself.etc,etc.if you have more please feel free to add.

yesturday i wrote on my statement i had enough of dr´s and therapists appointments as i had 4 in two days and two of them meant going on trains and getting connections to get there and back,which took tiome and nerves with three children and also the stress and rush of getting from one to the other without being late for the next appointment.i appologise now for that statementb it was generally how i was feeling but i forgot one important thing.even if it is a pain if it wasn´t for theese appointments and therapy myself or my son might not even be here.my appointment for my INR test is nessacary to make sure i am taken the right dosage of my medicine as without the right dosage i am at risck of stroke,heart attack etc which could then even turn into the fact that i could die.do i want to put my family through that.do i want my kids see me have a stroke or a heart attack like i witnessed my mom having when we were alone and i was 9 and not certain what to do when she was lying there motionless.no.so i am greatful for theese test.without zakariya´s physio theraphy twice a week and me continueing it daily at home,would he still be here?would hive lungs have been strong enough when he had his last really bad asthma attack or when he went into anerlethic shock for eating something he shouldn´t?i don´t think so so i should be grateful for them as it is because of his phisio that he can play most of the time like a normal child as he puts it.he biggest wish is to be able to eat chocolate and to play as long and hard as all the normal kids(what today is normal)

also lately i have been down and angry,sad you name it as the untimely death of my cousin.instead i should be grateful that he wasn´t in pain long.i should be grateful that god allowed him to be born in the first place that i had him in my life,was able to love him and have his love.to have all the memories i have .can treasure and when needed pass on at relevant times antidotes and saying like i do often from my nana and tiad.

the same with delwins mom my aunty noreen and my father in law who are both end statium.knowing that has given them and us a chance to accept and say good bye.to be more open with one another,to treasure the time they have left more than we might have done if we didn´t know before hand like with my cousin del.i never had time to say goodbye and tell him what and how much he meant.my aunt and fil now have time to put all their affairs in order to do things they have always wanted to do instead of putting it off and maybe never getting around to doing it,like my fil had done the hajj but never omra(spelt wrong)but he did that end of last year)life to them now is more viberant and real than before they got their diaognosis as they appreciate life more,value it more and don´t waste time on unimportant things.it learns you to get your prioieties right.instead of complaining and saying why them and wasting time on things we can´t change we should make the most of here and now and love appreciate and show the people we love how much we care and what they mean to us.before it is too late.have you someone you think you should phone or talk to after reading this.then do it don´t wait.

there is too much sadness,and tragedgy going on in our world we only have to listen to the news to know that,tsasumie,earth quakes,fires,bombs,war etc,etc but there is also lots of good things going on.like the royal wedding yesturday.i new drug for a certain illness or deciese.a bird singing in the trees,a baby taking its first steps or giving you a smile.the sun shining or not shining depending what your weather taste are.loosing a lb,not loosing but not gaining weight.there are so many,many things.the fact that you woke up today.the fact that you can see to read my blog.here on spark people a lot of people complain about all the advertisements on it but without them we wouldn´t get this site for free we would have to pay goodness knows how much and that i can not afford.without this site i wouldn´t have met all you lovely people.

today i have a challange for you.if for some reason you are feeling down for some reason i want you to stop and think.is this a real reason to be down,can i find something good in it?also remeber it is our hardships and troubles that make us what and who we are,it helps us appreciate the things that go right more.it is not so much what we have in this life it is a question of how we deal with what we have.i am going to write a list of 10 things i can count my blessing .if i wrote them all down i don´t think mine or your computer would have enough storage space.when you have read this go and write your own ten things you are blessed with either in your reply here,on paper or in a blog.lets all count our blessing and smile while we are alive and if you ever catch me feeling sorry for myself or down again please feel free to give me a kick in the you know what emoticon emoticon

10 of my blessing

1#i am alive
2#my husband and children are alive
3#i have a god who loves me
4#i have a roof over my head
5#i have food on the table
6#clothes to wear
7#family and friends i can turn do when i need to
8#i am relatively intellergent
9#i found spark people
10#it is my birthday tomorrow,so instead of being down for being a year older i am going to be grateful that god gave me another year to live,learn,share and love.

take care and keep smiling and always look on the bright side of life(in the words of monty python) emoticon emoticon emoticon
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