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The proper response to another's success.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

I have been a part of many teams and challenges. One of the common issues I encounter is a "bad response" to another's success.

First, let me highlight a few responses that are rooted in "stinkin' thinkin'".

1) Ignoring or refusing to celebrate another's success from pure jealousy.

2) Fudging one's numbers to tie or beat another's number.

3) Quitting a team or challenge because one isn't getting the same measure of success.

4) Squandering valuable time looking for excuses.

You may be thinking, "Do these things really happen?" YES

Now let's see how a POSITIVE response can actually benefit YOU!

1) Congratulate your teammate for showing you that it CAN be done!

2) Be true in your numbers. You can be anything in the virtual world but the mirror, scale and your clothing won't lie about the REAL loss. Ultimately this is about making a change in your REAL life. That's the best reward!

3) If you quit a team because your numbers are not as good as others' then you are just wasting an opportunity to learn from their success and to receive encouragement and help.

4) Making excuses is only another form of self-denial. Be realistic. If you didn't have as much time to get to the gym - step it up next week. If you went to a party and overate, make the next meal healthy and add some fitness minutes. It is what is is. Put it behind you and get back on track.

This journey is ultimately about your HEALTH. Would you quit a medical program just because someone else in the waiting room was healed of their disease? NO - it would only give you hope that you TOO could have that outcome. Well, this IS about your health. Quitting is not an option.

So, let's stand up and APPLAUD those that are showing us it CAN be done! Listen to their methods. You might learn a thing or two. Be honest in your numbers, your day will come when you are the one another is celebrating! Never give up!

You are WORTH the effort!

Press On!
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