My name is Dragonflyspirit & I am an addict.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I was watching Dr. Oz the other day and there was a woman on the show that weighed 260#, not all that much more than me right now. I have added another 15# to my already Ruebenesque figure. (It sounds better to phrase it that was than to be blunt and say obese. Ruebenesque women were considered works of art.) Marjon was telling my story to the world....

I cannot have just 1 piece or 1 bite; it's like I don't know when I will eat next.

There have been times I chose to spend my money on food and paid my bills late. I cannot get nourishment from paying the telephone bill, or can I? Domino's delivers!!

When I go to the city, I do look for the restaurants in the area so I can decide what's for lunch. (I have been known to stop at 2 places if I can't make up my mind.)

There are only 2 times food addicts don't think about food...when they are sleeping and when they are dead. (Sweet dreams are made of these...cheesecake, a great, greasy cheeseburger & salty fries, a hot fudge sundae. Who am I to disagree?) Death....enough said.

Food is predictable, people aren't. I know chocolate cake will make me feel better. I cannot guarantee my friends will boost my mood.

Marjon spoke with Dr.Tennie McCarty of Shades of Hope about food addiction. McCarty operates Shades of Hope and treats anorexics, bulimics, & compulsive eaters. They are all put together and treated together because they are all the same. Left untreated, their addictions will cause them to die. She also said food is the #1 addiction in the US. The disease of addiction says you don't have it, or at least not as bad as your neighbor down the street.

To say I have become a slave to food sounds a bit extreme, I really don't know if that label fits me. That brings me to DENIAL....Don't Even kNow I Am Lying. No, I haven't had lunch today. I had a salad with meat today. (A Big Mac is close to a salad...lettuce, tomato, onion, Thousand Island dressing, and the bun, just a HUGE crouton, right?) Denial is a symptom of any addiction.

When you binge on food the brain is flooded with dopamine which gives you a wonderful euphoric feeling, for a while anyway. This euphoric feeling causes you to not realize just how much food you are eating. You don't realize you are putting your body in mortal danger. Cookies don't let you down, but they will kill you when you lose control. (So sorry, Cookie Monster).

If food has taken control of your life, you are an addict. Food is not illegal but it is just as addictive and destructive. as heroine or cocaine. Shades of Hope treats the big "C"....CONTROL. Addicts are control freaks. We have to give up that control. Dr. McCarty stated by using confrontation with the addicts, they will see the devastation of what the disease has done to them.

Your heart is racing. Your mouth is watering. Trouble concentrating. You don't feel hungry. All you can think about is what you will eat next. These are five signs of being a food addict. I can see myself in all of these.

My name is Dragonflyspirit and I am a food addict.

Check out doctorooz.com and search "food addiction". It was an eye opener for me, but I am not going to use my "addiction" as a crutch. I really need to relinquish its control on my life.
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  • MARIANNE9855
    you are so right- its amazing- the principals of recovery are the same for all addictions- since I started on Spark People and really started working on my addiction- I also started working as a clinician with people with chronic mental illness and addiction problems- I am able to relate and help these people in a way I never could before. We are all on the same journey and the path to get better is the same.
    When I help them I help myself- I am so happy that my life has gotten to this point. emoticon
    1735 days ago
  • PAULA3420
    Hi Dragonflyspirit!!, I'm so happy I decided to check in with you tonight. This is the first I have heard of the Shades of Hope Treatment Center. I too must be a food addict. It sounds like this program really hit home for you. Perhaps, it caused the light bulb to shine some clarity on your goals and this will give you a path into your Healthy Future. I'm still trying to find my way. Working on Fitness. I seem to be up and down. Looking for some level ground. Where I can get a Groove ON!! I know emoticon

    Paula emoticon
    1735 days ago
    Admitting that there is a problem is a big part of the battle! I too am a food addict and my last binge was on Sunday. One thing was a little different this time though.....instead of seeing that mistake as an excuse to go completely off the rails, I acknowledged my mistake and got right back on the wagon the next morning. I bellieve that I will never NOT be a food addict just like an alchoholic is never NOT an alchoholic. They just maintain recovery. Glad to see you back! I love the new Addicted to Food show on OWN channel that is about the Shades of Hope Treatment Center. Do you watch it?
    2502 days ago
    I am not sure if I am quite as severe as you, but I am also a food addict. Today I wanted to binge all day and since I am doing french where the chapter is food I am easily going to binge like crazy. I am also alone until Friday possibly after dinner.
    2502 days ago
    Wow, that was a great piece. Now that you recognize the problem, perhaps you can deal with it. you are in the right place.
    2502 days ago
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