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Its Vacation Time Again

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Seems like just yesterday I was sitting in this exact same seat trying to figure out how to drop a few pounds before I head to the sexiest city in America, Miami! I devised a plan of no carbs, no sugar and lots of water along with 4 days of working out a week and the weight started to come off me. I kept it up until it was time for fall classes to start and then I had to let the working out go, but I maintained all the weight loss except 7 lbs. Now I am stuck. Still at the same amount of weight loss. Not mad, b/c I know how to maintain, but beyond frustrated b/c I am working harder than I ever have, doing things I have never done and still nothing.

Yesterday my sister called me and said this year, we are hitting Cancun for her bday!!! Seriously lady? Cancun where I can frolic around partially nude if I so choose???? Okay great!!! So what does my brain say? "Lets do it all over again like we did last year!" I said, okay cool. This time around though, I am going to try to consume as little meat as possible and amp the workouts up to 2 times a day. This should be interesting. . . LOL!!! Today was the first day. Or should I say IS the first day. I did my a.m. walk with mom and I got to work on time which is a good thing for me! This afternoon I plan to hit the track and get 2 miles in and then go to the gym and take a spin class, which by the way I haven't done in ages.

I am not only looking forward to semi-nakedness in Cancun, but also to watching my body change. I so enjoyed my clothes falling off of me and the compliments I got from people and I can't wait to see the process continue!!!!

I am amazed at my determination and motivation though. A few years ago I would have given up a long time ago and said, "Oh well, guess I am just supposed to be fat." Not this time around though. . . .I am in it to win it. No giving up over here!!!!

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