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Things I do that non-Sparkers may find a weird...

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

but... we (Sparkies) all totally "get"!

emoticonevery now and then you will hear me say "WOOHOO" for no reason (but I do it to brighten my spirits). Always nice to have a WOOHOO moment!

emoticonwhen I buy batteries, I get rechargeable ones for my scale (I like to keep track of my numbers and I try to do my part for the Earth now... my journey has taught me that my world needs ME to help her... so I do it in EVERY way I can, each day)

emoticonproclaim my food scale as one of the most important tools in my kitchen! (extra batteries for that, too!... I am ok without it, I just choose NOT to have to do that just yet lol)

emoticoncall people I have never met face-to-face, my friends (Spark Family) and know for sure that it is true.

emoticonwhen I read a blog or status from a "stranger" that is struggling, I immediately try to encourage whoever that person or let them know that they are NOT alone... because I would hope someone else would do the same for me.... or when someone has a victory, I join them (it's not my victory, but I celebrate it with my friend anyway!)

emoticontake the stairs when there is a perfectly good escalator or elevator right beside me.

emoticonbefore going out, I get on my Nutrition Tracker and the place's website to make sure I make a good choice whenever possible.

emoticonwill spend $10 on a nutritious lunch instead of getting a cheeseburger at McDonalds for $2 (OR pack my own lunch to avoid a problem).

emoticonprefer fruit over cake and cookies now... party host: "would you like a piece of cake?" me: "no thanks, I brought pineapple"...though I am known to make my own cookies (usually oatmeal or peanut butter instead of chocolate chip).

emoticontruly believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day (and my metabolism and day both agree)

emoticon emoticon emoticonshop on the outskirts of the store (fresh, natural foods) and visit the center much less often now!

emoticonplan what I am going to eat a day (or even days...) in advance.

emoticonadd extra veggies and fruits to anything I can (and my son now says "yay vitamins!!" yessssssss progress!!)

emoticondrink hot tea in the evenings to curb cravings instead of giving in to temptations (that I will later be upset about and aren't worth it or even really wanted!) and enjoy the warmth (also, it helps soothe me and I sleep better!)

emoticononly eat things that grow (fruits, veggies, and herbal teas after 8pm) ... helps me not to eat sweets, assists in my sleeping, and so much more!

emoticonwhen I take a leisurely walk with my son, we carry trash bags and collect trash and other things to dispose of properly...another step toward protecting our world... baby steps (just like this journey!)!

emoticonhave a motivational collage in my bedroom, carry my SparkPeople keychain with me, and Spread the Spark as often as possible (Sparking myself and others keeps me on track).

emoticonplan when I will workout and work it around my other obligations (my cardio and strength training are important to ME, others can wait� that�s HUGE for me!). Yes, I make myself a priority!! ::shock::

emoticonmy living room has hand weights, a balance ball, stretchy bands, workout DVDs, and other things where a chair once sat (I like them being in my face to remind me to USE them!)

emoticon emoticoncheck the weather channel every day so I can plan my workouts and family outings accordingly (I need to know if it's going to rain on my planned zoo outing or park adventure!)

emoticonprefer to prepare my own food because when I make it I can control what goes in it.

emoticonmeasure my success each day not by the number on the scale or the number of things I accomplished, but by how many glasses of water I drank and if I completed my planned fitness for the day and how I FEEL!

emoticonchoose to drink water over other things, even if its "free" and included with something while I am out.

emoticongo for a walk quickly (and occasionally break into a jog for a few minutes!!) because I actually like it and not because I'm being chased by a rabid dog or psycho killer.

emoticonorder salad dressing on the side or even bring my OWN.

emoticonget restless if I go a (planned) day without working out.

emoticonenjoy buying fruits and veggies and then cleaning, cutting, and preparing them to store in my fridge (or wherever) so I can have easy access to better options.

emoticonget up, put my workout clothes on, and start my day... instead of lounge around in my jammies all day or wait for some substance to wake me (coffee, etc)...even when I have nothing planned for the day!

emoticoneat pretzel, Triscuits, wheat thins, or pita chips (and hummus if I want) instead of chips and dip.

emoticonuse every excuse to get some fitness in: Wii with my son, planning a little side trip to the park for "fun" (tennis, basketball, hike, etc), signing family up for charity walks, etc

emoticontake time out of my day just for me, instead of using that time to do one of the many tasks at hand for someone else. (I'm important to myself, even if others don't agree :p)

emoticon emoticon emoticonget online and ask for help (screaming on every message board if necessary) when I am having a rough time instead of giving up the fight...yes, I lean on my virtual friends!

emoticondance when no one is looking or if everyone is watching, because it's fun and I enjoy it (I dance during cleaning the house now, go to Zumba classes, etc...)

There is more, I'm sure... but you get my point! Do you have things you do now that you didn't do "before"...? I love the new life I gave myself...all because of SparkPeople.. and my amazing Spark Family. I don't care if anyone understands me in the "real world"... you all "get me" for the most part and I am changing for the better. WOO HOO!!
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