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"Mr." Nice Guy

Monday, April 18, 2011

I've always tried to be the Mr. Nice Guy ever since I can remember. I'm not planning on trying to change who I am, but I now think this may have gotten me where I am today with eating problems. I'm the type of person that always wants to make things okay, please other people and do what is right. Sometimes this can be stressful on a person though.

When I was little, I was bullied and it has stayed with me since. I never said anything as I didn't want to get anyone in trouble and so I just took it all in. These girls would harass me quite frequently. I was overweight and developed early so I became a target. My parents didn't even know. Changing schools helped this situation. Now that I think about it, no wonder I was "chubby" as my self-esteem was not very high at the time.

Now as an adult, I am getting bullied again! I have become a target once more. There has become so much drama in one of my hockey groups that I have some ladies who yell at me on the ice, shove into me purposely and slap my stick around for no reason when I don't even have the puck. They are 2 sisters who have anger management issues and are bullies. Every time we play this team, there is some other incident that they seem to blame me for. No wonder I can't always keep my eating under control! This stress is killing me sometimes and I love this sport. Others have also complained about these 2 ladies so I'm not the only one. For crying out loud....we are all adults here! Well.....I guess some of us are!!!

I think I've made a decision. I really don't think they will change and I come home totally stressed after playing against them. It's not fun anymore. I will complete this session but when it comes to playing against them, I'm opting out of that game. I have 2 games left against them. It's not worth it for my sanity. At the end of this session in 6 weeks, I'm not signing up again. I'll continue playing with my pick-up group and summer league where there is no drama like this and these ladies are not involved in these groups.

Why oh why do people have to act this way????? What are they teaching their own children????

I just needed to get these frustrations out...................thanks!

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  • MEMERE2003
    What a tough situation! Yes, I think it's good if you opt out if the games with those bullies cause more stress than joy. Apparently these sisters feel threatened by your hockey skills. In addition, it's not worth it for you to chance an injury from their rough (even for hockey) and unsportsmanlike playing. Yesterday driving home from Florida I saw this saying on a church marquee: "Choice, not chance, determines destiny". It was very timely as my sister and I had talked at length over lunch about choices we have made in our lives and how the consequences--good and bad-- have formed who we are today. Good luck!
    2500 days ago
    Thanks DKELLY. I'm actually one of the head people.....well, sort of. I'm the representative for my team. Two men lead this organization and they don't like to get involved in the "drama". And it is all drama that belongs in theatre as far as I'm concerned. It really is one sister more than the other but they end up teaming together at times. One of the sisters subbed on my team two weeks ago and she enjoyed playing with us. What gives? I'm not really giving up hockey. I do play with 2 other groups where these ladies are not involved. I just feel bad leaving this group as I have made some really good friends. I need to do this however as I seem to be the target. I can't let my team continually have controversial games because of me. It's in my thoughts often and is affecting my vacation. Getting out is the solution to keep my sanity.
    2500 days ago
    You hit the nail on the head when you called them bullies. They are probably abusive to their families too. It is too bad that you have to give up something that you enjoy so much. Isn't there something that the head of the league could do about them. Get everyone together who has complaints about them and go as a group to the head people. It might do some good.
    2501 days ago
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