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Sunday, April 17, 2011

emoticonHi and Happy Sunday everyone!

Here I am again sharing that word! Schwannoma! Where in the world did a word like that come from and what is it? Well, I never knew before, but I do now. Not completely, but I'm going to learn a whole lot more about it super soon! But, that's a good thing -- and a good thing that I'm glad was found when it was!

So, here is a detailed definition of this lovely medical term!

**From Wikipedia***

A schwannoma (also known as an "acoustic neuroma,"[1] "neurilemmoma,"[2]:621 "neurinoma,"[1] "neurolemmoma,"[1] and "Schwann cell tumor"[1]) is a benign nerve sheath tumor composed of Schwann cells, which normally produce the insulating myelin sheath covering peripheral nerves.

Schwannomas are very homogeneous tumors, consisting only of Schwann cells. The tumor cells always stay on the outside of the nerve, but the tumor itself may either push the nerve aside and/or up against a bony structure (thereby possibly causing damage). Schwannomas are relatively slow growing. For reasons not yet understood, schwannomas are mostly benign and less than 1% become malignant, degenerating into a form of cancer known as neurofibrosarcoma.

There you have it -- status time! Yes, I have a large Schwannoma (tumor) between certain disks in my back and which was why I was having and still do have tingling, burning sensations in my legs, in the beginning, unable to stand on both feet due to pain in my right knee and which is why, I'm still wearing a back and a knee brace. I will say this, sciatica is bad enough emoticon but this one has it beat! Yikes!

But, remember, look at the positive side of things in our lives! If I would have just taken the steroids that I needed to the first week when it began and then went on, what the dr's say, Alleve Therapy, would this ever have been found? Nope! I would have been needing to sit down if I stood too long and raise my right leg so it was more even with my hip, constant pain in the knee and ankle joints and, the worst one if ignored, paralysis! No way -- no how -- not for me! I enjoy walking, moving, being super active too much!

Did I like the multiple MRIs I needed to go through -- No Way! emoticon
Am I glad I had those same multiple MRIs -- emoticon

I have no back pain whatsoever and wouldn't you think there would be something? But, nope! This tumor is mainly causing the inflamed spinal nerve endings that regulate different parts of our bodies to feel more inflamed than a Spark -- and this Spark I wouldn't want to Spread with anyone! Trust me! I love Spreading the Spark here at this site -- but I'm ready to get rid of that Spark in my back and that will be the next step for me. Time to stop those pinched nerve feelings and possibly have back surgery to remove the tumor itself. So, now I'm going to be referred to a neurosurgeon at a much larger and specialized hospital in my area and we're going to see what the options are. I'm all for -- let's remove it and I don't want to worry about it again. I know these sort of tumors can reoccur, but, I'm good with going back for another MRI in a year or so to see if one has or not. I just want it gone and somewhat forgotten -- at least until I need a recheck.

So, there you have it, "Schwannoma!" Actually, no, I have it--a "Schwannoma!" But I'm okay with it -- they found the "cause" of the problems and we're moving ahead to the next step to remove and/or somehow treat it! I haven't met with the neurosurgeon yet, but I hope I get an appointment soon -- and, can you tell I've been at Sparks for awhile -- Yes, I want the problem resolved, but I just love talking with dr's, etc., and asking the what are those and does this do this, or what about that? I love learning -- I just wish I didn't have to learn what this one was and, mainly, the why did I have to learn this one and in the way that I did-- but I did and I'm ready to go!

Again, thank you for your previous comments, prayers and well-wishes over the past month or so -- but I think we're getting there everyone and it's going to be great when no more nerve ending inflammations, no more feeling like I stepped on a thumbtack in the arch of my right foot or who shot a bb through my knee joint feeling, no more sleeping with a pillow between my knees or having to sleep at a certain angle to lessen the achy feeling!

And what a great emoticon that'll be and I can hardly wait! But, until then, per my back specialist -- I'm to continue to do cardio, strengthening exercises, and especially those for my back, and keep that body flexible and moving! Thank Goodness! And, if back surgery is in my future, I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

My emoticon are on, the nicer weather is here and no one can slow me down yet! But, when the dr. says "now", I may need to let those emoticon take a rest and cut back on alot of things until I get a go ahead to lace them up again!

So, here I am! emoticon Schwannoma and all! But emoticon as this challenge can be met and problem solved. And, in the weeks ahead, if for some reason you don't see me here at Sparks, keep smiling, as things are under control and I'm getting rid of that strange word "Schwannoma!"

emoticonI still think it sounds like a tongue twister! emoticon Always remember to look at the bright side of life -- there may be a dark side -- but that bright side can usually overpower that darkness and we all have the power, determination and ability to do it!

emoticon emoticoneveryone and don't worry about me! I'm taking care of business, as they say -- and in a good way!

Member Comments About This Blog Post:
SLIMLILA 5/22/2011 11:36PM

    Wow, I don't know what to say! That was certainly a very in-depth and personal blog. You are such an amazing person. You have so much faith and positive persistence about you. You're such an encouragement every time I check in with your, which isn't often enough!!

I have been trying to see the gift in this black-wrapped pkg. I am dealing with right now.. I know I should have been in church today. I realized that I have only been in church about three times in the last 5 years due to living in remote areas (and not making an effort when I could have). There is a church across the street from my dd's here in the city... I mean like 2-3 min. walk. I went there once and was out walking the dog around the church while they were there today.

Gotta get this immediate problem resolved and then get back on track with my spiritual health too. Yet another thing I have let fall by the wayside by denying I'm depressed instead of taking charge and doing what needs to be done about it.

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-SPIRITSEEKER2- 4/30/2011 6:54PM

    emoticon from me too

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CRYSTLE4HIMTX10 4/26/2011 4:42PM


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GEEKSMEGGLY 4/23/2011 10:54AM

    Thoughts and prayers are with you Cheryl. emoticon

Your positive outlook and faith will conquer all.

Have a Blessed Easter. emoticon

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THENEWME43 4/22/2011 9:57PM

    Cheryl, I'm so glad you're getting some answers! Praying for healing, my friend.
emoticon and emoticon

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FITMARY 4/18/2011 5:44AM

    Grrrr! There are so many things that can go awry, aren't there? But now that you know what it is, you can take measures and that's something. Our thoughts are with you!

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ZURDTA- 4/18/2011 4:39AM

    Well, it must be a relief to have some answers. Hope it can be removed easily and you can get on with life. I know the pain of sciatica and I really do not want to imagine anything worse than that! You poor thing.

Good luck! Not that you need it with such a terrific attitude, but I giving it to you anyway!


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MONTY68 4/17/2011 11:50PM

Hi Cheryl
What a awesome blog. Thank you so much for sharing what the word means and also explaining what it means in your life. I admire your positive attitude and how you are handling it. Now you know what was causing the pain, and that something can be done to correct it. I know you will keep in touch with us. My heart goes out to you.

Monty emoticon emoticon emoticon

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GRNDMOM43 4/17/2011 6:50PM

    emoticon attitude. I always have that tingling feeling in my legs and hips and hands and etc. Maybe I will call the new DR. tomorrow and let her know. Hopefully they have sent my records by now from the old place. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers my friend and see you when we see you. emoticon

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DHSPARK 4/17/2011 6:20PM

    What a emoticon attitude! Your positive spirit will really help.

Thanks for educating us on 'Schawnnoma'.

emoticon Wishes for a full (and speedy?) recovery...
emoticon emoticon
Deb :-)

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UNSTOPPABLE_ 4/17/2011 5:09PM

    emoticon & emoticon Cheryl! With your attitude, Nothing can keep you down for long!!!!

I love you girlie! keep Smiling!

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MOSTMOM1 4/17/2011 4:45PM

    I'm glad you're getting answers, but I'm sorry at the same time. Prayers, hugs, and positive vibes coming your way. Keep up that positive attitude and kick schwannoma in the schwabootie! You can do it!

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