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Thursday, April 14, 2011

So, some of you know the struggle I am having with my own personal scale. Not seeing the weight move quickly enough, but still staying on track. Well, I was all excited to go to the Doc's yesterday. I knew I would see SOME progress. Then I weighed myself at home and was pleasantly surprised! According to my personal scale.. I had lost around 7 pounds!!!! Wow..awesome! So happy!!! WHOOT!! YAH!! So here I go to the doctors office.... walk in the room with the scale and glare in horror at a brand new electronic scale. My mind screams NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... I know each scale is different and this shiny, gleaming thing just laughed at me. I knew I could never compare what I weighed on their old ugly balancing scale to what I weigh on this glimmering beauty, but I gingerly stepped on and said "Oh, you got a new scale!". The nurse said "Yes and we LOVE it!!" Again the scale snickered at me and whispered..."you love me too don't you?" But I wouldn't be fooled. I said.. "well, I don't love the numbers its showing me" She laughed and said.."Do we ever?" And I replied "I might have because I am working on it really hard...but.." She took a look and said.. "Oh..you weigh more than you did last time..?" Again the scale laughed at me and I swear I saw it wink!!! That dumb scale had my weight at 2 pounds more than last time I was there and 9 pounds more than my own scale at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They assure me that this scale is right. It is correct.. It is true. So, that means I weigh MORE than I ever thought??? And I have NO clue how much I really lost because I never weighed myself at home when I started eating healthy (DUMB MOVE!!!). Even my Blood Pressure was up (but I attribute that to my 'white coat syndrome' -although I wasn't nervous, I guess it can still affect you). But the doc was all happy about my changes. She has never heard of Spark People and was going to check it out. She was really encouraging and was so excited that my blood sugars were good. My thyroid is STILL not in range. Just a bit below. SO we are upping my meds again and that takes 4 or so weeks to catch up. I have to go back in 3 months. Maybe once my thyroid gets in range I will get some more energy and lose weight a bit more easily. I don't know that I have ever had it really in range. Anyway - as I walked out of the office, the scale reached out and poked me and whispered... "I'll be here waiting for next time." The evil thing. I just laughed back at it and replied "Next time I will be the one laughing!!!" heheheheee...
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    This is why I missed you when you were not posting as often! you crack me up! At my last visit to the dr, I stepped on the scale after taking my shoes off....no way I want to add that! then when I saw that it was higher than my home scale I immediately had some of those evil scale thoughts even though I firmly believe it's important to keep the scale as a tool...using my home scale as the guide to what's happening over time since the dr visits are not so often and every time it may be a different exam room scale.....You have improved blood sugars....more important than the wt and helpful in getting your hormone levels straightened out too as I think that whole metabolic syndrome thing is huge in it's effect. Be happy for the sugars and you have 3 months to make that scale eat it's words!!
    2521 days ago
    That mean old scale! He's not a good friend at times. Sometimes you just have to ignore him. I love that fact that you positively know that you will get the last laugh the next time you see him.

    BTW I love your cartoon.
    2534 days ago
    No worries! The scale at my doctor's office always shows me as five or nine pounds heavier than the one at home. It's never about the number - only the difference! Put it out of your mind until your next visit, and think about the DIFFERENCE between the number from today and the number that day.
    2535 days ago
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