3 weeks of INSANITY, and Bodybugg discoveries

Monday, April 11, 2011

Here are some of my discoveries after a month of wearing a Body bugg.

For one, I had become waaay less active witout realizing it. I was sending my kids to fetch me this or that, I was relying on Alex to do most anything that required effort, such as going downstairs to lock up at night, take the dog down, or feeding the dogs (all requiring a trip downstairs to the basement.) Also, I would wait for him to get the baby out of the car (infant carriers with baby inside are heavy!) I had been avoiding MANY many opportunities to be somewhat active. Now that I have the BB, that has ALL reversed. I VOLUNTEER to fetch things and feeding the dogs or putting them away at night-- leave it to me! lol When we are out and about, I get baby out and many times offer to carry baby (he of course wants to b/c hes the MAN, but I offer!) Any opportunity to burn a few extra calories and I am on it. I used to spend extra time sitting on the sofa with baby. Now I feed him and play with him for a few minutes, but then I am up doing something else. I don't sit through tv programs anymore. I burn about a calorie a minute, while sitting on the sofa. OUCH! When I get up and move or do something, I burn double or triple, JUST MOVING. I do remember when I was normal weight that I couldn't sit through a tv program-- my friends would always joke about how I couldn't sit still. So, I don't know when that change happened! hehe
Also, parking farther away from the store really does make a difference. I can burn 50-60 calories, just walking into walmart if I park towards the end of the parking lot! Amazing! Making my bed counts towards moderate activity-- who knew!! Sweeping, mopping, cleaning- I burn an average of 4 cals a minute. It just blows me away at how the little things really, REALLY add up. The first weekend I had my BB, I had a normal sedentary Sunday-- normal for me. I was over 300 calories UNDER my goal for calories burned. Now I clean and try to stay somewhat active, even if I don't workout, just get moving.
Another thing I have learned is I NEED to move more. I have to. Even on days that I workout (most days) I still have to keep moving, and sometimes add in a 2nd workout just to meet my calories burned goal. Wow, I never realized how sedentary I was. I really, truly thought I was pretty active. Not that I sit around all day, its just wasn't enough to be considered active.

This has all been a HUGE eye opener for me. I LOVE my BB and I think it has been one of the greatest investments I have ever made. It becomes a game, a challenge to meet and try to SURPASS my goal (Of course I am not satisfied with meeting it, I NEED to surpass it, since it was given to me by my BB program, not my own goal) (which BTW, my daily goal is 2,750 cals burned)

Yesterday I was behind on my calorie burn. I went outside and jumped on the trampoline with Lucy and Tobe for a good 20 minutes or so. (BTW, it TORCHES calories, so if anyone has one, go jump for a few minutes!) I was really just having fun with them, didn't even notice the time, and in the end I had burned an extra 250+ calories. That is a good workout! And my kids loved it. ( I did too) Little things like that and I am really, truly, finally losing weight.

I have been doing INSANITY for about 3 weeks or so. It is tough and at first I dropped ZERO weight. I was really really discouraged and wanted to quit except I had made a public and personal commitment and so I felt like I HAD to finish it till the end. I'm glad I am. I am down so far almost a solid 10 lbs and its NOT water weight. I HAVE LOOSE JEANS! YAAAAAY! First real sign. lol Also I like Insanity b/c the workout is hard but it makes me push myself. I am becoming way stronger physically AND mentally. Also it really curbs my appetite (strange but true)

As far as my last blog on being more present, it is becoming more 2nd nature. Yesterday I was in a funk. Sooooo bored and restless. So I told Alex I wanted to go somewhere different, etc. (Normally I would have moped and eaten over this emotion) So we did. I realized as we were driving that I was zoning. I reminded myself to look around and really see where I was going, make conversation, and find interest. We stopped to eat and I realized that I was zoning again. I realized I barely even look at people. I started looking around, and observing. THIS is why I tend to overeat at restaurants. Weird thought. But a good discovery. I have been living in my own little world, wanting more, but not realizing that I actually HAD it but didn't notice. WOW.
I pondered on it and now I know when I stopped looking at people. When Alex and I first started dating, he was super controlling/jealous. Whenver a guy looked at me he would get mad at ME. So I stopped looking around, b/c I didn't want to hear him bitch, and I didn't want to catch anyones eye. Ooookkaaay! WTH? Then it became 2nd nature. Wowza! (For the record that was 10+ years ago, and Alex is no longer controlling, although he is still jealous, just not like that!!!) lol So that is my new assignment-- start looking up again. Sooooo glad I am figuring this out.

I guess Im done blabbing. I just wanted to get some of my thoughts out there. I am still aiming for 50 lbs by my birthday-- only (ONLY) 40 lbs left to go!! lol
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I used the body bugg a lot last year and was just thinking about starting to use it again. So proud of all of your hard work and glad to hear that your jeans are loose - mine are tight, but not for long!
    2477 days ago
    Woo~hoo chica bonita .:) I am so happy that u are really enjoying the bb. U truly amaze mi hun.. Y I have faith in you hun that u will meet your goal by your b~day. You totally got this chica. Y u jumping on the trampoline with the kiddos I wish I could of seen that I know yall had to have a good time. :) I am happy that u are pushing yourself to do more and be more active. You are doing awsome. And congrats on the 10 pounds gone 4 evaaaaa. :) Just keep doing what your doing sis and I know u will be where u wont to be n no time at all. :) Luv ya muchos hermanita :)
    2534 days ago
    You are doing awesome getting back on track! It is amazing how much little movements can help you. Good for you for finding those opportunities to move more!
    2538 days ago
    I enjoyed reading this Jenny! I am so proud of you!! You are making me want to get a BB. IF I ever get one, I will need to wait awhile. I MISS working out to be honest. I have been trying to do walking videos, after 1 mile I start to cramp and I get bored with them. I do not want to overdo myself, but I miss TJ and those kind of workouts. What really bums me is that I have to wait until after I heal from a C-section to get back at it! I am definitely going to be sticking to you for support, since you have supported me in the past :) I am truly happy for you, and I know you will get where you want to be in no time!! LOVE YOU!
    2539 days ago
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