How quickly people can deflate you

Saturday, April 09, 2011

This is only my first week of my new life change. I feel WONDERFUL. I have faithfully exercised and recorded everything I ate, sticking right in the middle of all the ranges. I decided I'm not going to weigh myself every week because I don't want to give up when I have those 1/2 pound weeks. I am doing it once a month. But even without knowing the pounds, I feel better about myself because I'm doing it! I feel proud. Just knowing I'm on my way makes me feel good and I actually got a little bit of confidence back as I walked around instead of burying my face and hoping people weren't laughing at me. Until today...

I was out at a car show with my husband and son. We were having a wonderful time! I was looking at a Corvette when some woman made a crack that I couldn't hear but her husband YELLS, "Yeah- she may like the car but if she buys it, she ain't gonna fit in it!" and they were both looking at me laughing. I don't understand what makes people so mean. Why do they care what I look like? The funny thing is, the guy looked like he was 7 months pregnant. And to be insulted by someone who can't even speak properly is even more insulting. It's like he stuck a pin in me, completely deflated me and reminded me that I'm still a fat cow. It hurt so bad. I wish it didn't but it did. And then not even 15 minutes later, again I hear the second part of the conversation and a kid says, "No mom, I think she's pregnant"- with the whole family staring at me. I just started to cry. They didn't even try to hide their comments- like they didn't care if I heard or not. Just because I'm fat it's ok to insult me like that like I don't have any feelings? I just wanted to crawl under one of the cars and hide. Although as that man would have pointed out, I couldn't fit, of course.

I am not going to give up. If anything, it's going to motivate me even more. I'm tired of feeling like this. I'm going to add it to my motivation poster and I'm going to work my butt off picturing his big stupid face. But I'm just feeling kind of down about it. emoticon
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    What a jerk. However, it's probably their own low self-esteem that made them say things like that. They obviously care about how you look because they feel so BAD about THEMSELVES. At least you are actively changing your life, and I bet they could see that *GLOW* of you doing something and becoming healthier. All they have is their shriveled up hatred. Don't let that affect you. Rise above it and beyond it. You can do it!
    2519 days ago
    You know what...we may be "fat" but he's an assh-l-e -- and dieting doesn't fix that!

    If you need to cry...then do so. Let it out and let it go. Then move on with a smile!

    I'm glad you are here now to enjoy the fabulous unconditional support you deserve and will get.
    2519 days ago
    You should have said "I might be fat, but you're ugly inside and out and that can't be helped without SERIOUS changes... can you afford them?" or smile and know that their ignorance must get them in all sorts of trouble. People like that can't seem to balance their life. If someone has time to be pointing out your flaws that means they are so self-conscious and ashamed of themselves that they feel they need to hurt others to make themselves feel better. AND it also means that you are super interesting. They were focusing on you instead of the cars... lol That's funny. Forget jerks. Let it inspire you to do more, YES! Great attitude. But dont worry about them. You are awesome, they are just losers with no life and their opinion doesn't even matter. :)
    2519 days ago
    I'm so sorry they all treated you like that but unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there that are that way. Keep holding your head up, do your best, and know that what matters most is what's on the inside. :)
    2534 days ago
    Do not let people like this affect you. Its too bad you didnt just stare at them and say, "Well at least I can afford it".
    You will succeed and have the last laugh.
    2534 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/10/2011 12:27:07 AM
    People like that make me so mad. They try to make themselves feel better about their shortcomings (and with that man, I suspect he has MANY) by tearing down other people.
    Do not let this get to you. You are a wonderful person who is taking CONTROL of her life and her health and making a change for the better. They, on the other hand, are doing nothing to make themselves or the world a better place, and should be pitied.
    2534 days ago
    "As you go through life, always hold your head up high and walk tall, be proud of yourself, of what you have accomplished and what you have yet to accomplish!!"

    My Father taught me this - and I have lived by it!! It hurt you - but think of the family who were so ignarant they thought it - poor things - they have no pride, no tact, no upbringing!!
    You are worth 1000 of them - walk tall - be proud and enjoy life!!
    You WILL get to your goal - and you will be a far better person than they are for what you have gone through to get there!!

    2534 days ago
  • CAZ5346
    Why are people so rude and insensitive? I give you a lot of credit for not allowing jerks like that sabotage your plans for a healthier you.


    2534 days ago
    At least we can "fix" our weight problem! Stupid people like those rarely even have a clue they HAVE a problem! You are beautiful, inside and out, and don't you EVER forget it! emoticon
    2534 days ago
    Wow! Thank you all so much for your comments! I can't tell you how much it means to me! I really am going to use it to motivate me. I just get so embarassed when it happens. Maybe I'll get my Corvette when I reach goal as my reward and I can drive right past his dumb butt looking hot! :) You guys rock! emoticon
    2534 days ago
    i am so very terribly sorry that this happened to you.
    keep your beautiful chin up and know that they are all ugly right down to their soul.
    YOU are beautiful.
    2534 days ago
    Good plan for dealing with those negative thoughts. These are what eat us alive. Let it go. Easier said than done, I know, but you'll feel better if you do. Know that we are here for you and know exactly what you are going through.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2534 days ago
    It never fails to amaze me at how stupid some people can be.
    I would have love to have told that man I may may not be able to fit in that car now but I can lose the weight, but you can't lose your stupidity!
    2534 days ago
    Civility has been lost. It's just plain rude to comment about people like that.

    It can be difficult to set it aside, but let it go! You know what you're doing, and you're working to make things better -- unlike those who make such unsolicited comments.

    I would have been so sorely tempted to make a wise crack back and put down the people making the comments... but I hope that I could have held my tongue as you did. YOU showed real character there!

    Stay with it!
    2534 days ago
    That is horrible....people often are missing vital parts of their brains I think.

    You keep going...you're making positive choices for your life....let those comments slide right off your shoulders..... emoticon
    2534 days ago
    Isn't that the truth ... I think THEY forget to look in the mirror at themselves ...

    We'll get it done my friend ... just hang in there and keep that SMILE and positive attitude that you have ....

    Don't hide -- be proud.


    2534 days ago
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