My Dreams and Premonitions--3

Friday, April 08, 2011

Both my Daughters share certain aspects of this Lineage---after we shifted to this Flat I loved the feeling it gave me---the Flat made me feel safe,loved and very Welcome---it sort of embraced us all and took us into it's safekeeping------it had very Positive Vibes.That's why I was surprised when both my daughters refused to sleep in their Bedroom---in fact they were adamant about it---scared at the "Old Man" sitting in a corner!!!Lotta saw him in the North West Corner and Sayali said he sat in the North East Corner of the Room---though the posture in which he sat was identical to both!!!Now I was at a loss to understand---for my Antenna had not picked up any such Presence---in fact I loved being in that Room!!So finally to reassure them I shifted our Family Temple into their Bedroom---to no avail---they both were adamant against sleeping there!!!Added to this was the huge "Peepul" Tree outside the window---and it cast a large Shadow on the Wall opposite the Bed---it's Leaves would make weird Shadows during the Monsoon---shaken by the Wind and Rain.So we got a low Double Bed with wheels specially made----this would slide beneath our Bed during the day and be pulled out night for the girls to sleep on!!They continued to sleep in our Room!!
After we shifted here I formed a friendship and close bond with 3 ladies---all much older than me!!Of these Pushpa is 10 years older ,Vahini 15 years older and Jacob Aunty 17 years older---and since I was just 21 years old when we moved here---these 3 took me literally under their wing!!In 1982 my friend Vahini--asked me to accompany her to pay obeisance to the "Palkhi" of "Sri Gajanan Maharaj" of Shegaon---a town near Nagpur.He was a Saint who lived at the turn of the Century and I am a staunch follower of my "Trimurti" or Triumvirate of Saints---Sri Swami Samartha of Akkalkot,Sri Gajanan Maharaj of Shegaon and Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi---in fact I regularly read their Biographies!!So one afternoon both of us went and worshipped at the tiny Shrine bearing his Golden Mask---this had come directly from his "Ashram" at Shegaon.As a Blessing I was handed a beautiful Photograph of the Saint and a tiny Booklet printed with a Synopsis of his Life.I got the Photograph framed and decided to add it to the other Photographs in the Family Shrine. Both the girls came to take a look at the new addition---and just froze---their mouths hanging open in shock!!!"Ma---THIS is the Old Man who's in this Room" they both said incredulously!!Was I relieved to hear that-----that explained the wonderful Vibes I felt here!!!That very night they shifted to their Bedroom---and next morning claimed that they'd slept the best sleep of their lives---and even today still prefer His company to ours whenever they visit us!!
Vahini's has perhaps been the strongest influence on me----she is extremely religious and that rubbed off on me too!!She taught me the basic rituals involved in performing "Pooja"---and also got me started on my "Aadhyaatmik" or Spiritual Journey.I have always been deeply religious---in performing various Fasts like the 16 Mondays dedicated to Lord Shiva---and have performed this Fast at least 5-6 times----it is a very difficult Fast calling for severe Rituals.I used to fast each consecutive Monday till the completion of the number 16---these would spread over 6-7 months because those Mondays that fell between the 1-5 days of the Menstrual Period were not counted---being considered "Unclean" despite adhering to the same pattern of Fasting as on other Mondays.I performed these by fasting without Food or Water for 24 hours--I'd brush my teeth too at midnight Monday began---that's the kind of a stickler to Rituals I was----taking only 1 Glass of Water and a tiny piece of Crystalised Sugar or "Khadee Saakhar/Misri" at 7p.m. each Monday!!As my dedication to performing the religious activities grew---so did my recitation of "Aum/Om" the ultimate Chant!!!Thanks to this my perceptions of the "other" kind heightened and intensified immensely.I began dreaming of strange things---and finally one day I felt a sensation in myself---a tingling started in my head during my ritual chant of "Aum"---this tingling grew and spread right down to my toes---and a huge Ball of immense Light exploded in my Mind---leaving me exhiliarated but scared----Mummy said it was my "Kundalini waking up" or my "extra Sensory Perception" becoming heightened !!I began feeling detached from my daily Life---thanks to my heightened sensitivity I could smell the Scented Atmosphere of a Temple,hear the rhythmic tinkling of musical Anklets---as if someone was walking around in the house----filling it with Peace and Traquility!!
One incident however put a stop to all this-----one night it was raining heavily and I had a very strange Dream.I dreamt that somebody rang the Door Bell.I opened the inside Door---we have two Doors---a solid Wood one and a Grilled Safety Door as well---and all I could see outside the Safety Door was a Radiant Female form---dressed in a Dark Green nineyard Sari,wearing lots of Gold and Precious Stone studded Jewellery,thick Black hair cascading down Her back---Her very Being exuding a wonderfully perfumed Presence!!She calmly passed through Safety Door and taking my hand led me into the a particulr Corner of my Living Room.There She passed Her Hand over my head and murmured---"Continue on the Path you are walking only if you want to become a Recluse and renounce the World----cutting away all bonds of the flesh---if not, pull back now---for I do not accept half hearted disciples.If you pull back now I will understand and will stay here with you---when you need me just close your eyes and think of me---I will be there!!" and She disappeared.I awoke with a start---to find myself in the Living Room where She led me---and the Front Door wide open!!!Brought to my senses I decided to draw back as She must have known I would and went back to bed.The next morning Lotta startled me by asking me as why I was walking around the House in the middle of the night----it seems the tapping of my thick,heavy Silver Toerings woke her up!!Till today I've not understood whether it was a Dream or a Vision!!
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