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It had to happen some day, just had no time for me.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Today was not a Sparking day, I knew it would happen some day but did not anticipate it would be today.

I woke up early because I had a Podiatrist appointment at 9.45am. I wanted to get ahead of my day by answering e-mails and returning comments to other Spark friends.
I actually did accomplish much of that by 9.30am when I left for the podiatrist office. I needed to have my foot checked since I had developed a form of Plantar Fasciitis. It is not a pain in the bottom of my foot it is in the tendon but they do insist the fascia is the culprit.
I have been doing my resistance band exercise almost daily because I was told to stretch the fascia to improve it. The Dr said it was much improved and to just keep doing what I am doing. Good news there. This podiatrist actually makes orthotics right in his office and they cost one tenth of the price for the custom orthotics. That way we can have them in at least two pairs of shoes so we do not have to keep changing them. It works for both DH and I since we both have P.F.

After the office visit we had to return the shower head that was purchased yesterday it did not fit well on the shower attachment already in the bathroom wall. After a lot of searching we found one I liked and we took it home.

After lunch we had to put the shower head on since I needed to wash my hair.

Our plan was to walk the rail trail in the afternoon when it warmed up a little but it began to rain and turned to snow so we did not walk at all. I decided to walk in the afternoon on the tread mill. I had just gone down to our basement gym when someone rang the doorbell. It was our German friend she was away all weekend and had come to tell us about her trip with all of her family to Bretton Woods New Hampshire to celebrate her DH birthday.
They had a great time.
They swam in a heated outdoor pool but had to walk through the snow to get to it. I was envious she could get all three of her sons to get together like that but they do not live as far away as ours do, so I must put that behind me.

While my friend was visiting DH had fixed the shower and he remembered a travel brochure my friend wanted to see. He went to the hall closet to get the brochure and as he opened the bi-fold louver doors the doors came of their track. Our friend acted like it was her fault so we had to reassure her it had happened before. Only once when the rugs were laid but we did not tell her that.

The phone rang and it was my Drs Office, my Dr is going away and they wanted to reschedule my appointment for Thursday I agreed and thought nothing of it.

Our friend left and DH said to me what about your blood work.
I had forgotten I am having Lipid profile to be done before next visit so to get it done it has to be tonight. I had to change our dinner plans from Chef Megs Lasagna, I was not about to eat cheese before a fasting 14 hour Lipid Profile test.

We opted for Haddock- lots of protein, a baked potato quite small to help keep me feeling full and chicken soup from yesterday, I am so glad there was still enough for both of us, I even ate microwave apple crisp. Everything went in to the tracker it always does.

After supper I washed my hair with the new shower attachment it took a bit of learning but it will work well for me. It has no handle to hold the shower head. it is a palm head it slides right over my hand so I can wash my hair so much easier.

I went down stairs and with wet hair I was shivering so I had to decide my priorities. I had to forgo my fitness minutes and came back upstairs and we put on the propane stove to heat up the room and we watched a Netflix movie together.

I rarely feel hungry but I really wanted my oat bran tonight.

I have eaten 1,685 calories and burned 1706. That is as close as I have ever been to equal I always burn more that I eat. Today instead of minus 7 to 800 I am at minus 21.
I have 14 hours to go and my BS will most likely get low. At the lab I have to lie down because I have small veins and my BP drops so I am not exactly looking forward to this .
It has been a strange day. The doors are still off the closet we will deal with them tomorrow after we have been to our senior college lecture on Maine Two foot track railways.
Pat in Maine, I hear DH making his night time tea and I want a cup too.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticonTill tomorrow.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    We have those kind of closet doors too and they do sometimes get off the track. You had a very busy day!!
    2539 days ago
    Hi Pat, so nice to talk to you on the phone. It sounds like you had a busy day. It's hard when your kids and grandkids live away. I keep up with mine on Face book. I talk with my grandkids just about every day. Take care of your foot, it can take awhile for that facia to heal. I had trouble with mine once.

    Love and hugs
    2540 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Gads, what did you do in your spare time?? you did get lots done though.. good luck on your labs!!
    2540 days ago
    I hope your lipids are in good shape and today is smoother. Do you get to have the lasagna today?
    2541 days ago
    I love lasagne also! I use the whole wheat lasagne noodles, and I use ground turkey now instead of ground pork or beef like before. I only use 1/2 pound. I use homemade salsa (run through the processor to get sauce!) - way lower in sodium than store-bought. Cheese - is the one thing I do not skimp on. I count it as my dairy. I also use the large patty sized mushrooms to make a meaty layer (really cuts down on the calories and fat!) I also use lots of fresh grated garlic and herbs.

    You can do it. Somedays, you just need a rest day!

    2541 days ago
    Things always come all together. You did well to keep your cool! Hope your foot is better soon. I hate it when I have to have a fasting blood test, my BS always goes low and I have to walk to and from the surgery up hill on the way back. Hope all is well with your test and I hope you get your door fixed OK.
    2541 days ago
    Those long hours of fasting can really turn your system around. Do you take a snack to eat after the test?

    I think I mentioned, on another post, that we pretty much matched your wet snow, had to be 10-12 inches of the soggy, heavy hunks (from street plow). Got just enough room for the car's tires and smushed through to the road.

    Got to DH Dr's appointment on time.......reports all good.
    Hope all is well with you. Di. emoticon emoticon emoticon

    2541 days ago
    What a cool picture, your friend having to walk through the snow to go swimming!!! Apparently they did get the 25 cm of snow in Calgary, about 6 hours south of here.....We had a quick snow shower that didn't amount to anything on Saturday, it was like it was being sifted out of a sifter... funny.

    HOpe your blood work goes well. My dd absolutely hates getting hers done too, they have an awful time finding her veins and she usually ends up in tears...

    You want me to have some of that oat bran for you? I searched for that calorie differential but I don't think I found it right, cuz I didn't see numbers that your posted.... I don't have the time to search out so many of these things, just get the basics done and see how many points I can get.

    My sister had that plantar fascitis too, how long have you had it? It does go away take care..... hope there's no snow on the roads for your lab visit tomorrows....
    2541 days ago
    You are doing great!

    I love love love lasagna but... as a diabetic it is not good for me. It brings my numbers up.

    2541 days ago
  • TERRI289
    YOur day was very full!! You still got a lot done and I feel like I was there!! Rest well, kisses to Fred!!
    2541 days ago
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