I said the CRAZIEST thing to my trainer today, by accident!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 04, 2011

Day 43 of my health journey

ok........ So I joined a gym! Yeah!!!!!! emoticon

Yesterday I went to the gym in the afternoon and walked for 30 min pushing myself to a 3.3... it was hard to even do that.... but I did it! I then spent 15 minutes stretching in the locker room and I left feeling very proud of myself!!

Today- I wake up at 530 am. (Huge deal) take the dog out, pack up my bag and head to the gym emoticon emoticon

I had signed up to meet with a trainer this morning to discuss a plan.
I meet him, he seems nice enough, and we begin talking..........

About 20 minutes in to us figuring out the plan, He begins talking to me about getting a protein shake! and here's how the story goes......

He says, "You should get a protein shake to take after you work out."
" Most women look at me like I'm NUTS when I tell them this."

What I mean to say, "I'm not looking at you like your NUTS."


!!!!!! I begin laughin hysterically! and apologized while I was laughing.

His response was- Well I'm glad your not! (with a smile)

SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!! So who knows what this new trainer thinks of me... but you know what?? WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!! I'm there to gain as much info and support from him about exercise! So if he thinks I'm crazy then good! cuz I am! :) :)

I feel great about the plan we have set up.......


Monday- Cardio and Upper body machines
Tuesday- Cardio and Lower body machines
Wednesday- Cardio
Thursday- Cardio and Upper body
Friday- Cardio and Lower body

I showered at the gym........ I tried not to be grossed out about it... I wore my flip flops and said a prayer that there weren't any diseases floating around......

I felt soo proud of myself when I walked out of that gym with my work clothes on, makeup, hair did, lookin cute. Cuz even though I weigh over 300 pounds... I still look cute!!!!!! It has taken me 34 years to realize this!!!
p.s.- my 35 BIRTHDAY IS WEDNESDAY!!!!! emoticon emoticon
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