Waiting for me to fail....

Saturday, April 02, 2011

So, I just got off the telephone with my grandmother... interesting conversation... I had called to wish my grandfather a happy birthday (he is 86 years young today)... but he hasn't been much of a talker recently. He actually didn't know who I was on the phone... again... He has alzheimer's and is getting towards the end of it... so, anyways, that left most of the talking to my grandmother.

Dear grandma asked me about how I was feeling and things were going and then proceeded to give me a list of all the people she knew who had weight loss surgery... from the girl that worked at her eye doctors office to so and so's neighbor and countless other people I have never met... nor probably ever will... and informed me that they all had gained the weight they lost back... and then she wished me the best of luck and hoped that I had made the right decision...

As I hung up, I thought "Well, that conversation was uplifting... another person just waiting for me to fail!" Well, she never actually came out and said that... but I just know that is another set of eyes watching me... waiting for me to lose weight... then gain it all back...like in the past

Well, with that said, I have been having some mental doubts creep into my mind..."What if I don't lose the weight, even with the surgery?" "What if I lose the weight and gain it back... then I become another person on my grandmothers list!" "What if I made the wrong decision?"

However, logically, I know that I will lose weight. I haven't had anything but liquids since breakfast on 3/23/2011 (right now wishing I ate more than an omlet and a cup of coffee that morning). After all, 85% of my stomach is gone... forever... no way it can be put back in...probably the part of students research project at the University of Buffalo as we speak... I also know that the surgery is just a tool to work with... not the end all, be all... and I still need to watch what I eat and exercise....

As far if I made the wrong decision... well, I believe, and still believe, I made the right decision for me... and only the future can tell if it was the right decision...
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  • JENNY712
    Hello! Hope and pray you are doing well! Love and prayers Jenny emoticon emoticon
    2419 days ago
    Hi there....

    First of all, my doctor is telling me that long term success is better with sleeve patients than with the bypass. (He may tell the bypass patients something totally different, I don't know....)

    I DO know that 15 months out, I'm down 150 pounds, over 80% of my excess weight lost, and still going (albeit slowly). I've blown through two weight loss goals, and he said he was confident I could lose all of my excess weight if I want to.

    YOU, TOO, can do this. Don't listen to the family naysayers (my own mother has yet to comment on my weight loss to me). Find the changes that work for you, stick to them, and enjoy the new wardrobe! ;)

    2538 days ago
    I know how it feels to have people "waiting for you to fail" Let it frustrate you a bit and then let it motivate you to make them eat their words!
    I obviously haven't had my weight loss success YET, but I WAS successful in having an unmedicated childbirth. EVERYONE said I couldn't do it and it really made me all the more determined to prove them wrong. It was a fantastic feeling when I finally accomplished it. :)
    Now I need to feel the same success with losing weight. Maybe I need people placing bets against me and then I'd do better at it Lol emoticon

    Good Luck with everything! emoticon
    2542 days ago
    I hope too that you made the right decision for your life.

    Best wishes and sucess !

    Vickie xx
    2542 days ago
    You shall succeed. My best friend had it done, another friend, a couple of cousins (in the past and she's kept hers off) have lost great weight with it. Their only struggles are...exercise. I didn't have surgery myself so I don't know what it's like - but I do know the importance of exercise when it comes to weightloss, and it's building muscle, which burns fat/calories are rest.

    I had a guy, one of my dad's best friends tell me that he thought I wouldn't be able to do what I've done (and I seriously hope he feels like an idiot now), that I'd lose some then stop. I had thought about surgery, but I didn't have insurance or money...so I had to do it the way I could.

    Believe in yourself and do NOT let anybody else no matter who it is pull you down. That's how a lot of people get derailed. A great support system is what Spark is and it's what you need! :)
    2542 days ago
    I am going to assume that you either have had the gastric bypass or lapband or planning to have it. I wish you good luck with it. I have considered it myself but my co-pay is a bit ridiculous.
    2542 days ago
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