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How I lost 60 pounds!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This morning the scales showed I was down 60.1 pounds. I'm well on my journey now! I've lost 38% of the weight to get to goal! I started at 328 pounds and I'm down to 267.9 in 8 months. This IS doable. Here are my observations.

1. Never give up. This is not optional. ALWAYS keep going!

2. Track your food. You can use the nutrition tracker here or even an index card in your pocket, but you MUST track your food.

3. Weigh, measure, and accurately portion your food. This is ESSENTIAL! We got overweight by eating too much so we can't rely on our mind's eye to portion an appropriate serving size!

4. MOVE - you don't have to have a gym to do this. I can get a good sweat up just by marching in place and swinging my arms while watching TV. You can use soup cans to do strength training with your arms. There are many exercise videos and demos on the FITNESS tab of this site. USE THEM!

5. Learn to do something besides EAT. Take up a hobby, spring clean your house, rake the yard, visit shut-ins, go to the library, just do something that doesn't involve FOOD!

6. Tell somebody! If you are accountable you will keep pushing. If you think by telling someone that you are letting out your secret you are overweight - be realistic. It shows already - it's no secret :) You will gain support by sharing your journey.

7. Stay active on the SP site. Join teams, challenges, blog, read blogs, articles, try exercise videos, etc. This keeps you in FOCUS!

8. Get your sleep but not too much. Aim for 7-9 hours. Sleep is an important part of weight loss.

9. Drink your water. Many eat their water (yes it's in food). You may only be thirsty.

10. Set attainable short range goals.

11. Get your physician involved. They have lots of help and they can monitor important things like your b.p., blood chemistry, medications, etc . I know this is hard for many because they feel their doctor only harps on weight, but I have improved my cholesterol, b.p., triglycerides, etc. all with losing weight and getting more fit. It does help!

12. ASK for help. I'm willing! I'll glady answer sparkmail and give you the benefit of my experience. If I don't have an answer I will help you find one!

So, how about it? You ready to go the next bit of the journey with me? Time's a WAIST'in - let's get moving :)

Press On!

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