Revisiting the Hundred Acre Wood, and other completely unrelated bits & pieces...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One of the teams I'm co-leader with is Finding & Loving Your Inner Tigger, which I first joined because even the name took me back to those childhood times when I would find a quiet place and read of Pooh, Tigger, Eyeore, Piglet, Roo, Owl, and their various friends. That is one of my favourite memories of my childhood - I lived and breathed Pooh and friends, I fell asleep at night dreaming of the fun and adventures I could have had, if I'd been able to join all A.A. Milne's characters... childhood truly can be a magical time of our life if it's enriched with a love and plentiful supply of books.

Team Tigger activity has been decreasing of late, and I couldn't come up with an idea which would instantly invigorate it. Didn't think it could be done... but... thanks to our new(ish) co-leader LEXIE63, my request for some different challenge ideas produced way more than expected. Within a day or so, she had completely revamped the team's focus, taking us back to that magical time of childhood when we were friends with Christopher Robin and his various acquaintances. She has transformed the activities, the challenges, and all of it is related to the Hundred Acre Wood and its inhabitants.

I was so excited by what Lexie had come up with, she was excited, and obviously the many others who read her blog, or just checked out the team by chance, probably searching for some of that childhood sense of fun and adventure, where anything was possible, were also excited, because over the past two days we have already grown by 5 new members! They found their own little bit of that childhood fantasy world there on team Tigger, so maybe some others who read this blog will also be searching for that place in their life where anything is possible, where there are no demands, only friendly competition and lots of fun and laughter.

Why not come and check us out? At worst, it will put a smile on your face, finding out where all the characters fit in our team's new layout. We also have a new team icon - a photo of a Tigger badge Lexie has been the proud owner of for many years!

And now for the bits and pieces -

Update on Ned - leg is being devotedly kept clean by a very attentive doggy nursemaid - Keiodie. He grudgingly lets me check the leg twice per day, but if I attempt to clean it the water and cloth must be sniffed to make sure its ok, before he will allow me to use it on Ned. The leg is not swollen, it is a healthy colour, and I am allowing nature to take its course, the only exception being spraying the fly repellent I always use on Ned's head (ears were suffering fly strike before its use) on the upper side of the injured leg.

My 'sometimes cat' Malachai came to visit and share some dinner with Rhani last night - complete with a gash across the top of his nose! (Talk about anything you can have, I can have better, lol!) Cleaned it, regardless of very vocal protests, and have come to the conclusion that his injury was done by the plovers already beginning to nest, behind the back of our property.

Bent over to pick up a peg from the lawn out the back after checking Ned last night, Ned thought it was a game, bounced towards me (not on me, just in my general direction, a la Tigger), I jumped, my foot slipped on the peg, and I stopped myself falling flat on the ground by putting my hand up to stop myself. Result? Strained muscle in the outer shoulder blade - rib area. Swollen slightly, gave the doctor a call, he prescribed pain meds (trying to resist taking any unless I'm desperate) and said it could be torn, but recommended I wait till tomorrow to have it checked. I'm happy with that, no sense rushing up there needlessly, and despite a constant nagging pain, I can do almost everything I need to for today.

Not looking for excuses, but there is no way I am going to mow that back lawn todayl. (And this comment after yesterday's blog about Ned and his enthusiasm for exercise, lol.) emoticon
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  • LEXIE63
    You deserve a lot of the credit for this revamp too, because you have been incredibly supportive of my ideas, and also you have been running the team practically single handed for some time because of Rhonda's illness.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    It is wonderful to see all the new members and have the activity level improving again. The Hundred Acre Wood does have a magical effect on us. :-)

    I hope all the various ailments - legs, shoulders and so on - continue to heal well. I do hope your shoulder is doing ok Honey! :-)

    Inner Tiggers of the World, Unite!!!
    Lex xxx
    2519 days ago
    Hope your shoulder is getting better. No more injuries, please, for you or your animals!
    2520 days ago
    i didnt know such a team was on SP!

    I L O V E them LOL will check it out!
    2520 days ago
  • DEE107
    Hugs my friend
    2521 days ago
  • SILLYHP1953
    Great changes in the team, you all have captured the spirit of the Hundred Acre Wood. I'm glad Ned is getting better. Now your body needs to heal your shoulder and hope it heals soon. I'm sending you love, light, and healing.
    2521 days ago
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