Reflection: Who am I?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I am NOT that girl who always gave of herself and never allowed any of that time for her benefit.
I am NOT that girl who's self esteem was so low that she made fun of herself, to lessen the blow of others doing so.
I am NOT that girl afraid to go clothes shopping, because she had allowed herself to become a plus sized girl.
I am NOT that girl that sees a long lost friend in a public place, and decides to hide out from them so they don't see how she's let herself go.
I am NOT that girl who gave up her dreams. She got injured, and vowed to never dance again. How sad. It made her so happy to dance.
I am NOT that girl who only felt complete when others were pleased with her and only cared about how others saw her.
I, am NOT that girl... Not any more!

I AM that girl who is unafraid of being outdoors and taking in all of the beautiful scenery and exploring the BIG, wide world that is around us!

I AM that girl who can dance, bowl, sing, strut, run, allure, saunter, skip, jump, and hop to my heart's content...and then some!

I AM that girl who can love wholly! I have set myself free by learning to love myself, which has opened up the amount of love I can give ten-thousand fold!

I AM that girl who busts excuses, solves problems, and gets results! Yes! That's right. I am kicking arse and taking names. Even if it is only my arse that's kicked.

I AM that girl who is NO LONGER ashamed of being ME! NOBODY else can be us. How great is that?

I AM that girl that still LOVES food, but I am learning how to LOVE it the right way.

I AM that girl that gets goosebumps from a GREAT workout. It makes me feel strong and SEXY!

I AM that girl who gets a warm feeling when those around her succeed and feel as loved as she feels!

I AM that girl who gets giddy when I think about what tomorrow brings for each and every one of us. WE get to decide our future, nobody else. Every morning we wake, we have a decision. We can choose our mood. I choose to be happy!

Spark on my friends... Who are you emoticon
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