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March 28: Not Quite Throwing Up...but I could have!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh Meh Gah BECKI!

So my pal Becki (marathon_mom) posts this little workout. I look at it and think "this is doable"

I get started at 9:33 and finished in 2.24 hours!!

Here's what this thing looks like:

This is a total body circuit workout that I have been doing from time to time for several years. It is very time consuming, but burns a ton of calories! The running parts can be increased by intervals of 30 seconds instead of a full minute to decrease running time, if that is an issue. Total running time, as laid out, is 78 minutes.

Countdown Circuit
Also known as "12 Days of Christmas" Circuit
One set of 20 squats (heavy barbell)
1 minute treadmill
**I did squats only, then I set the bowflex up for the rest of the workout
Two sets of 10 hammer curls
Two sets of 10 concentrated bicep curls
(Alternate the sets)
2 minutes treadmill
** 15 pounds of resistance
Three sets of 20 calf raises (heavy barbell on shoulders)
3 minutes treadmill
** no weights
Four sets of 10 plyometric jumps
4 minutes treadmill
Five sets of 20 reverse crunches
5 minutes treadmill
Six sets of 10 shoulder presses
6 minutes treadmill
** 45 pounds of resistance
Seven sets of 10 push-ups
7 minutes treadmill
** At set 5 of these pushups I thought I was gonna throw up. If I hadn't down that with a drink of water I probably would have!! I think Jillian would be proud!!

Eight sets of 10 jumping jacks
8 minutes treadmill
Nine sets of 10 crunches
9 minutes treadmill
Ten sets of 10 French Presses
10 minutes treadmill
** 15 pounds resistance
Eleven sit-ups, 11 push-ups, 11 side planks (each side)
11 minutes treadmill
Twelve oblique twists (each side), 12 bicycles, 12 crunches
12 minutes treadmill

This circuit can be adjusted to modify for lower levels of intensity, such as increasing the running/treadmill time in increments of 30 seconds rather than a full minute.

I logged 144 minutes of circuit training = 995 calories burned per SP.
I ran 82 minutes, 6.05 miles*, the treadmill says I burned 624 calories! I think it's more like 550 but really who's counting at this point!!

Wow, I was nearly crying as I crossed 6 miles. I debated on continuing to 6.2 but I was so tired and drenched in sweat and It dawned at about 78-79 minutes in that I didn't have a snack or anything. Just water! The 300 calories I had for breakfast were long gone!

All this time I've been scared of running 6 miles....I don't know why. I'm doing the Galloway 1/2 plan to build up miles for the 10K in July! Of course I'm a bit skiddish due to all the injuries I've had. And as I sit here typing my left heel is sore. But honestly that's the only place!! Not my knee or my ITBand or my shins or ANYTHING ELSE!! And I ran with no tape and no brace!! Of course tomorrow I'll be interested to see if I can get out of bed!!

Especially after all day Saturday working in the yard! I cleaned out one of the flower beds pulled dallas grass up by the root, pulled weeds in the back yard and cleaned it up so hubby could mow, and trimmed all the hedges, ALL of them.......about 35! Raked and bagged 2 lawn and leaf bags of clippings! My hamstrings, chest and arms are sore from all that.

We started the kiddo on his $5.00 per week plan, it worked pretty well, although he had a few moments of bad attitude, it was quickly resolved. He had a friend over Saturday which was nice, I could just get my stuff done without a cranky kid!

Despite burning about 700 calories Saturday I still managed to go UP on the scale. But I pretty much ate whatever I wanted this weekend and I don't know where my brain went....out with the grass clippings I guess.....I only had 2 cups of water all day yesterday!!! YIKES!! I didn't even log all the calories I had yesterday and my sodium intake is over 2500!

I can definately say too much sodium, not enough water!! Heck I'm so salty from this workout, I'm gonna have to start counting that as sodium in take every time I lick my lips!!

I think this will be my new Monday Workout for the next few weeks!! Tomorrow is Body Rock!!

This weeks goals:

Complete 12 DOC Workout without passing out. DONE
Tuesday - Body Rock Workout
Wednesday - Run Day
Thursday - Easy Day Walk
Friday Rest Day
Saturday - Second Race of the year!!!! 5K

Get my house back in order!

4 loads of laundry
load the dishwasher
put out the paper fires on every surface
dust sweep vacuum

I'm thinking spaghetti for dinner! YUM!

*This is the first time since last year at this time that I've run this distance! It has been 363 days since I fell and busted my knee. I think....ha! I know I've been scared to go any further than 3-4 miles. Thanks Becki for posting this workout, I'm glad I did it. It wasn't a set milage otherwise I probably would have chickened out thinking I couldn't do it. But I CAN and I DID!! I think my body and my brain and my inner runner girl all met up again today. I really can do this!! I really really can!! Oh..... Fan The Tears!! I need a shower and lunch!!
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    WOW! That is SOME workout! GREAT job!!! (And, I was wondering what a french press was, too.) That's great that it helped you over a mental block, too! Yeah!
    2552 days ago
    Wow that is definitely a W-O-R-K-O-U-T and you ROCKED it! Sending good soothing vibes your way so that you are pain free in the days to come.

    2552 days ago
    WOW!!! What a workout!

    Question: what is a 'french press'??? I only know the coffee thingy... ;-) And I love it.. some how.. not so sure I'll have the same grin before I get to know these.. may be after when I see the effects.....
    2552 days ago
    That is something!
    2552 days ago
    You sooo totally rocked that workout!!!
    2552 days ago
    Awesome blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2552 days ago
  • LEAG0628
    OMG that is a freakin' AWESOME workout! I'm stealing it!! I would imagine you couldn't do this thing more than 1/wk or even bi-weekly. Wowzers! What a metabolism booster!!!
    2552 days ago
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