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Sunday, March 27, 2011

emoticonGood morning, everyone! I know I haven't blogged lately as life has been super busy and those challenges just keep coming!

I just wanted to make a "quick" blog and let everyone know that I'll be blogging again soon. Some of you have seen or know that I've been having hip/leg problems, so tomorrow I'll be seeing a specialist and we're going to be finding out what's going on and what caused all the problems with the loss of my use of my right leg a few weeks back-- I'm ready, willing and able to follow the doctor's orders and I hope to share them with you -- as I think it's something that I've seen here at Sparks!! I think I'm an average U.S.American Woman in more ways than one. And, maybe this latest has been a super wake up call for me as well!

I tend to forget that I'm 50, not that age really matters, but our bodies know and with time, things change and sometimes beyond our control. Plus, I have a few Autoimmune conditions (which is why I help lead the Team here at Sparks) so, medical limitations or on certain days or weeks that I'm in a flare, always have a play in my ability to stay active --- but, no one can stop me from being "me" and being as "active" as I love to be! I don't like to give up and, if you know me, I love to challenge myself, so once I could feel the leg/hip improving -- off I went! Walking, stretching and everything in moderation and until I knew it was time to take a rest or just to slow down the pace -- which I did.

BUT, always remember, if you have an Autoimmune condition or not, there are ways to delay or prevent alot of certain conditions that do come with age -- and that doesn't mean you need to worry about them, just by staying active and eating healthier food choices all are soooo important -- and, again, regardless of age or medical condition, you can do it!

Stay flexible, active and my favorite word "positive" and you can get through just about anything you set your mind to! And, I certainly have mine set! Positives, understanding, listening, caring and finding ways to make each day a super great one -- is on my list and I hope it is on yours as well.

So, I'll be blogging after tomorrow and, get ready, everyone! There's positives ahead and I always love to share them with all of you, my friends!

AND, I want to thank everyone who has passed along their words of care and concern -- but, I'm going to make it through one step at a time and one day at a time and I love to say I'm so happy to do it with you, my super great friends!

Have a emoticon day and keep that emoticon coming! You are making a difference in everyone's life and you have definitely made a positive one in mine!

emoticon and emoticon
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