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Insanity Day 1: Fit Test

Sunday, March 27, 2011



Switch Kicks 80
Power Jacks 36
Power Knees 75
Power Jumps 37
Globe jumps 8
Suicide Jumps 7
Push-up Jacks 18
Low Plank Obliques 54

My numbers are not stellar (I think they may have been counting one left+one right as ONE rep in the low-plank obliques, which means MY number is really only 27, which sounds more appropriate, given how fit the two in the DVD are.

Also, I guess I cheated and took a little more time with each mini-break in between the tests - I had to flip over to my Excel spreadsheet, so I paused the DVD, flipped, entered the number, flipped back to the DVD. I probably snuck in 4 to 10 seconds extra that way on each break.

Oh, and of course, my dad calls from India just about halfway through the fit test. Grrrr. I yelled at my brother to say I'd call him back - can you imagine how much extra adrenaline rushed through me and how much breath I wasted on that yell? Grrrr. :D


Does that mean I failed?

H E L L, NO!

It means I decided that whatever I did today, I will definitely improve in 14 days.


I am going with the Insanity program. So there.

P90X will stay in my library for another day. For a day when I want more strength results and less cardio results.

Today, I thought the warm-up for the fitness test was going to kill me. I *know* I wasn't putting nearly as much power into those jumps as the demonstrators were - and yet, that whole puke-up-my-lung feeling was definitely there.

I shudder to think how much more insane this can get - having watched the DVDs, I can just imagine being happily wasted every single time!

Bring it on! I'm going to try to "Dig Deeper" every single workout.

By the way: you know all that drooling I was doing over Shaun T?

I'm over it now. The man brings PAIN! :) Hotness doesn't compete. Besides, I didn't have *time* to watch him! I was too busy sweating up a wading pool!

So ... there we are.

Ready to actually FEEL like I'm getting a workout!

I'm off to shower off the funk now!
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