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Special little girls

Friday, March 25, 2011

I have three special little girls in my life, my daughter Deanna and her two friends Peyton and Maddie.

There are three very special things that happened recently that just warms my heart.

Deanna and Peyton went to Disney together with Peyton's family. Peyton and her stepdad, Tony, are into diving. Deanna was waving at Peyton through the glass while they were diving and a child came up next to her. Peyton turned to swim off and Deanna heard the child voice disappointment. Deanna banged on the glass to get Peyton's attention again and have her and Tony come over. They blew kisses and played with the child for about 15 minutes until it was time for them to get out. The child's mom thanked Deanna for doing that. Deanna let her know it was not a big thing.

One of the other days, Make-a-Wish was there with a child with cancer. That group was at the same area as Deanna and the group. Both group had an odd number of people in it so Deanna volunteered to ride with the child (and I can't remember the name, but Deanna remembers it) and she rode a couple of the rides (Snow White and one other) with her. I don't know what the child got out of it, but Deanna has a very special place in her heart for that little one. She usually has to wipe away a tear after she tells this one.

Then comes the touching thing from Maddie. While Deanna and Peyton were gone, it was volleyball regionals. Maddie, an 8th grader, is usually benched during tournaments, not for anything she does, just because the coach thinks that there are better players (and there really aren't, the people she plays instead do as good as Maddie, sorry had to grumble). Maddie posted this on Facebook.

:'( Well that's it for me. That's the last time I will stand in a circle with those girls and say "123 Go Hornets!" but you know what? "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith." 2 Timothy 4:7

I saw that and I welled up with pride that in the face of difficulty, she would be the better person and quote some scripture.

Don't get me wrong, my oldest daughter, my wife, and many other women bring these moments to me as well, but these things are just some recent ones that make me well up.
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