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"Who is Your Greatest Motivator" Poll

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today I took the poll asking me who is my greatest motivator. There were all kinds of choices...friends, family, yada, yada, yada.

But not the right one.

They didn't have a box to check "WINSTEN".

Winsten is my greatest motivator. He never complains that he doesn't feel like walking, and is alway eager to go.

Even when I don't want to go, Winsten keeps at me until we are heading for the great outdoors.

Winsten doesn't think that laundry, mopping, dusting, or any other kind of housework should come before walking or getting outside.

He is a true Naturalist.

I'll be all settled in front of Flicka (my computer), ready to spread my butt even more, and in he comes. All nudges, smiles, dancing around to distract me from the computer until I finally agree to put on some walking shoes and go.

Sometimes our walks are long walks, sometimes as short as ten minutes. Once I actually get out there, I'm glad we are walking.

We walk in all kinds of weather, noticing lovely things along the way.

Winsten is just one of those forever enthusiatic adventurers, never tiring of seeing what's new in the neighborhood. He can always find something to marvel at, and that has improved my "nature vision" immensley.

Winsten is always agreeable, and always ready to get "just a few more minutes" out of me. His prodding usually works, and by the time we get back, I am refreshed and know I did the right thing by not just sending him on his way to walk alone.

Winsten and I have, as I said before, walked in all kinds of weather. We do get out in it, NO MATTER WHAT.

Example, here is what we walked through in February 2011:
It was snowing so hard that we had a "White Out", and could barely see where we were going. But we persevered, and really got into it. We only walked at first for about half an hour, and after 15 minutes could barely see our tracks. We hadn't left the general neighborhood, so we weren't concerned about finding our way back.

It really was like walking in another world, though. All still and quiet...........huge trees bending their branches in sumbission to the heavy snow.

We pretended we were in Siberia, and called out "Comrade! Where is your Dacha?", and then tried doing that goose step marching that the Russian Army does. Did your know that is really DIFFICULT to maintain?

Laughing and shaking the snow off ourselves, we were really surprised when we got in the house and it felt so HOT!! We couldn't believe the thermometer only read 68 degrees inside.

Winsten has gotten me out walking in the rain of Spring, too. Actually, once you get going and look for what's NEW in nature, it is actually kind of fun. ESPECIALLY if you sing loudly "Singin' In the Rain" and try to do some of those umbrella tricks Gene Kelly did.

He and I have seen wonderful signs of Spring. We have seen buds forming on branches, bulbs peeking out at us, and crocuses and other flowers blossoming right before our eyes.

Winsten and I walked along the pier on a rainy day. I didn't want to go at first, but he insisted long enough that I gave up, grabbed my camera, and we headed out.

It was magical walking through the rain, as he and I were the only ones around, and we had the pier to ourselves.

We have walked on the beaches in sunshine, too, and Winsten never fails to find a wonderful piece of driftwood that just HAS to go home with him.

We have marched in parades, proud to be Americans.

Because of Winsten's urgings through the seasons, I was encouraged to partake of a 5K. I wouldn't have done that had it not been for all the hours and miles he walked with me!

We have observed the beautiful blooms of summer together, admiring God's handiwork.

Winsten and I have seen the early signs of Autumn together. We have watched pear and apple trees present their bounty, and have enjoyed the lovely, haunting beauty of the season.

Late Autumn greeted us with crisp air and thoughts of gathering wood for the wood burning stove. We heard the honking of the Canada Geese as they migrated South, have been scolded by the crows in the trees and readied ourselves for the coming Holidays..

Winsten inspired me to make a Snow Queen instead of sitting around the house, grousing about the weather. It had been years since I had so much fun in the snow!

Yes, indeed. When asked who is my greatest motivator, there is no problem in an instant answer! Winsten has made sure I stay healthy, and he is my very best friend, and favorite walking partner!

Now I ask you: How could you not want to hang around a fun buddy like Winsten???
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