Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Did you feel like going to the gym today? Or outside? Or your dvd's?
No???? WELL GUESS WHAT!!! NEITHER DID I.....but I went anyway.

We all have our days when we want to give up. When we want to stop completely. Even, that this journey we are on is hopeless, as though it's never going to end. Well, this journey will not ever end to tell you the truth. Once you have completed the journey a whole new one will begin. It's just getting to that shimmer of a light that says you're really almost there....just xxx lbs to go.
When we have our days that are like this we must remember to just get up and move. DO IT!!!
You are worth so much more than you even realize. You are someone's child, wife, husband, sister, brother, friend, and companion. The most important reason that you are worth it, is because YOU YOURSELF DESERVE IT. YES, YOU DESERVE IT. Every sweat, every tear, every pound that is coming off of you know that you are WORTH IT. There is someone who loves you, who needs you to be here. When these days are hard and you can't seem to get up and go, think of how much YOU are worth. YOU deserve to be happy, to feel great about you.
When you realize this. You will get up and go. You will not say, PLATUE YOU WIN. You will say COUCH I LOVE YA, BUT C YA. YOU will go when you just don't feel like going. Because you know....YOU'RE WORTH IT.
I watch more than one weight loss program on TV and think why are they such babies when all they are doing is losing weight. It's not because they're babies. It's because they've had a moment. They've realized that they are worth being here. They are needed by all their loved ones, friends, whomever. They are changing from the inside out. Not the outside in.
I now understand this. If we don't change from the inside (knowing what we mean to ourselves and to others) then behaviours will repeat themselves. That's how we stop the cycle. Knowing who we are. Knowing how much we mean to ourselves. And knowing that WE ARE WORTH SO MUCH MORE THAN WE GIVE OURSELVES CREDIT FOR.
Always believe in yourself. Always know that you are beautiful. Losing weight isn't making you beautiful, it's just enhancing your beauty.
Know that you strong.
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