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March 22: Weekend Update and BodyRock W2D1

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Other than getting the BowFlex, I'd call this weekend a disaster.

Thursday: Complete Meltdown with the child. grrrrr (although we have implemented the allowance system and so far so good)

Friday: Spent the day cleaning out the office to make room for the BowFlex. The kiddo had a friend over and that made things go MUCH smoother! :D I worked pretty much all day on the office. Took a break that night to eat and hang with the boys.

I had a good breakfast and lunch. I had pizza for dinner and was still in range - barely.

Saturday: I started on the garage, I had to make room for the office furniture. And for the garage sale. Then we headed out to pick up the BowFlex. My friend already had it taken apart, which was nice on the one hand and on the other, now I didn't know how to put it back together. But they had the instruction manual, so we'd be able to do it.

It wasn't very heavy and wasn't as big as I thought it would be. YAY!!

Hubby got it put together that evening. Thankfully this only cost 50 bucks cuz I notice a few things. Its not been used very much - there isn't a lot of wear on the machine however, they kept it hooked up at least on the 30# bow all.the.time cuz it has very little resistance and it's bowed out instead of standing up like the others when not in use. I'm not sure how much DH will use it, cuz this makes it down to 150 pounds of resistance rather than 210. He can sit in the bench press position and use the machine with great ease! Although I think any movement on DH's part is better than nothing!

I had a good breakfast and lunch and dinner!

Sunday....the super moon that I wouldn't call all that super! ugh!! It was so bright it was practically daylight in my room!! I couldn't sleep most of the night. I had to get up early for church cuz it was my day to bring breakfast for sunday school. I was super cranky. After church DH wanted to go to the Flight Museum. I didn't cuz I had so much stuff to get done, but I went anyway. Thankfully I had a nap after that. DH did a load of laundry and made dinner. Cuz that was our agreement. If I waste 4 hours of the day at the museum, he had to get at least 1/2 of my things done for the day.

I was under my calories, but I had crap all day. I even broke Lent and had sugar.....and ice cream bar. It was

Monday: This week is Book Fair at school, I needed to be there most of the day. I got up got dressed out. Got my run in which went really well with no pain! And was at the school all day.

I have to say I was S-T-A-R-V-I-N-G most of the day. I brought good snacks to school and I devoured them! I had a good dinner and was still about to gnaw my arm off or anyone elses!! But I didn't eat anything else.

The scale did move last week to 126.4 but it's back to 127.0 although it's not over! So I'm ok with that. And it's not so much that I want to weight less, it's that I want to stop the jiggles! I need to be more tone and if that makes the scale go down as well, great.

I have an ab, basically. Not anything defined. I don't want a 6-pack, I just don't want all the jiggle! In my legs, rear, abs, chest, arms. Which is why I have the BowFlex and why I'm doing BodyRock.

This is probably getting long.....

The stats yesterday:

Miles: 2.43
Time: 35.20
AP: 14.32
MPH: W: 3.8 R: 5.0
Shoes: Asics 2150 with bungee laces

I decided to do a C25K day but I thought of this after I began my warm up walk, so I ended up walking 7 minutes rather than 2. I practiced running tall and engaging my Occassionally trying to remember to move my arms front and back instead of crossing my body. I ran really well without pain or having to make several adjustments.

Todays Workout is: BodyRock Burpee Fusion Workout.

I don't have a sandbag, so I couldn't do the sandbag swing like her, so I used 5# weights, a few times I did it without weights, cuz this repetative squatting doesn't sit well with my knee.

I did modified push ups with the jump. But again I couldn't do alot of bending and jumping. That tends to aggrivate my knee. To be more specific its the: Vastus Medialis Quad Muscle and the Gastrocnemius Shin Muscle. Not parts of my actual knee.

And I couldn't do the last set, I was beginning to feel twinges of pain so I stopped. Each set is 2 minutes 1 minute for each exercise.

Here are my numbers:


19/6 (without weights)
14/16 (pushups only)
15/12 (pushups only)

Tomorrow is a run day! WOOT

This weeks goals:

3 Runs F/U with 3 BowFlex Workouts
2 BodyRock Workouts
10 cups of water
Stay in range, preferably the low end

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I think you are doing awesome!!! emoticon
    2551 days ago
    I am trying to tone too; don't like the jiggles either. Good luck getting the bowflex to work for you. I am enjoying the green monster drinks. I always put fresh spinach in my smoothies but this calls for more than I usually use. I do add blueberries too. Hope you have a great rest of the week!
    2551 days ago
    Way to go! And congrats on the Bowflex! Very nice!!
    I can't wait to be able to BodyRock again! I am thinking I might be a little less sore by May or so..... LOL
    2552 days ago
    congrats on the bowflex in the house - hope it gets lots of use. I would contact them and see if you can get a new bow.

    You are doing so much better than I in the conditioning aspect, but just wait - I will be on task for it after April 10th.

    2552 days ago
    I used to have a bowflex too! Traded it for a Kirby vacuum cleaner! I would contact bowflex, I bet you can purchase a new 30# bow to replace that one.
    2552 days ago
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