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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I've been checking in with all my spark friends and have noticed that no one seems to be blogging lately. I like to see how they are doing or what they are thinking and so often I find similar thoughts. I haven't blogged lately either and realized that the reason is because I didn't want to say that I am frustrated.

I have been really trying and not seeing any results lately. My hubby weighs me every Monday and this time I wanted to scream with anguish as I didn't lose anything for another week....

He keeps telling me that I look great and has even said numerous times that if I don't lose any more weight that I still look fabulous to him.

Losing the weight isn't about how he sees me. Its about me feeling healthy and being in the normal weight range for my height and age. Its about me achieving the goal I want. Its about getting thru these tough stretches and perservering. Its about taking control of my health in a way that is sustainable.

Of course I feel his love and support but sometimes our family and friends don't want to see us frustrated or hurting and say things or do things that literally don't make it easier. He even went out to the bakery and got me some pasteries. I didn't eat them. He is so very thin. He is trying to gain weight. I am buying all kinds of things to fatten him up and this makes it so hard for me because I can't purge my environment so its safe.

O well tomorrow is another day and I am going to keep blogging....
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    I'm sorry that the God of the Scale is not showing you any love. Have you been tracking your measurements? The changes show up a bit more slowly (when I was losing weight I usually noticed small changes every 3 weeks or so), but they are stable changes. And for many people, they lose inches even when their weight loss plateaus for a while.

    As for your husband working on weight gain, have you considered taking an approach where the food he eats to gain weight isn't so tempting - and is healthier than pastries, etc? For example, healthy calorie-dense foods like healthy oils, nuts and seeds, complex grains, fattier fish, small servings of cheese, etc can really make a difference in a person's calorie intake. These foods are healthy options for gaining weight - and are likely to be less tempting for you. So the two of you could basically eat the same food, but with a few differences in portion size and also some extras. For example:

    Dinner: Healthy, fatty fish (salmon, tuna) - 6 oz portion for him, 3 oz portion for you. Side serving of brown rice (1.5 cups for him, .75 cup for you. Salad, with yours dressed with one teaspoon of an olive oil-based dressing, and his dressed with two teaspoons, plus a tablespoon of toasted pinenuts and a few slices of avocado. (For you, one teaspoon of pine nuts if you want and a half slice of avocado.)
    2521 days ago
    Hey there,

    I lose about 1 lb. a week, but then I know that I don't exactly stick to the calorie count and I haven't been doing the exercise I need to do to get more impressive results. Slow but sure is just as good as fast and impressive.

    End of term, loads of work and spending most of my Spark time entering foods that aren't part of the system = no blogging. Only so many hours in a day, eh?

    Never give up. I admire that you are in this for you and not for your hubby. That makes it even more important to keep on keepin' on.
    2521 days ago
  • KIMBER1984
    sorry dear, I had a stupid busy February with work. I let it take over and put me on the back burner as normal. Then we went on our trip to Jamaica (just got back this morning). I promise to be on here more, not just for others but for myself too, because I owe it to me!

    2523 days ago
  • JKN049
    Oh my goodness, I can sooooo relate to your post. My dear husband is the same way as yours with you. I had to LOL about the pastry episode as that's exactly what has happened in the past with me. I can also relate to plateaus. Such pain! Just keep doing what you've been doing....Your body will respond when it's ready. You are doing a great job at sticking with your program - so try to relax a little. I'm also a member of the Slowest Loser team. Have you heard of it? Come and join us if you like!!

    2523 days ago
  • AZTLAN777
    My dearest gf! Your body is going through something right now and it will go back to losing again. I like to think that our bodies are going through "changing gears"! Getting ready to speed up little by little. I remember when I hit a plateau, my gosh, it was like running into a brick wall. So, frustrating! However, the more I considered the trauma my body goes through, the more I became aware that it needs time to adjust. So, when I don't lose or lose as much as I think I should, I remember that it needs some time. Then I am able to relax and go with the flow, but still stick to eating plan and praise your body for the great work it is doing! Don't despair, be happy and revel in the compliments your hubby gives you. Be in harmony with your world! I pat my arms, legs, shoulders, tummy and say "Thank you for helping me to do for myself, I love you and appreciate your hard work." Thank your hubby and smile. When you smile and are thankful in the small things, you will be ready for the bigger things coming your way! Lots of love my dear friend! I will blog when I get a chance this weekend! Hugs
    2525 days ago
    My husband very supportive also. He is the cook and tries hard to accommodate my program, but he is also the shopper, so occasional pastries and salty snacks find their way here too. My weight loss has been painfully slow, with lots of plateauing, so can identify with your frustration. Blogging more would be helpful I think.
    2525 days ago
    Hang in there, we all reach plateaus. Just keep on trying.
    2526 days ago
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