Sometimes you feel like an exerciser, sometimes you don't.

Monday, March 21, 2011

I definitely get myself into trouble (that all or nothing perspective where you really can't win for more than a day if you're honest with yourself), when I stop feeling like exercising. It would be one thing if I was 100 lbs over weight. 40 lbs isn't nothing, for sure that's still pretty significant. But the problem is that it's like my form of burn-out. I have maybe just a short attention span, but I've never been able to stick with one type of exercise for long. My longest streak of running on a semi-regular basis over the last 5+ years has been maybe 3 months at a time, at best. That's it. I've never kept it up longer than that. That's my longest record too. I have videos and aerobics and yoga and strength training and stair climbing and elliptical machines and walking and etc etc all under my belt for brief periods. I pretty much always come back to something.

In my happy new place I've come to mentally, it occurs to me this morning that this won't be the last time. In fact, this is a part of me, and so will surely be a part of my journey that I have to deal with. I have two options, I can try to force myself into exercising when I just don't want to knowing that whether I make myself do it or not I'll actually feel like doing it again soon enough. Or, I can accept that for now (however long now is) I could just be a dieter, not an exerciser. Not that I will abstain from physical activity, but I could just seek it out in my everyday of chasing children. Here's the key thing though:

I could make the conscientious effort to compensate for my break in seeking regular exercise by being on top of my eating, and even be a bit under my goal calories in order to stay on track with losing weight.

That's what I'm going to do. Who's to say that tomorrow I won't be running in the morning. I simply feel like I need to find a way to still be successful without exercising because I know myself and I know that I'm just not always going to be an exerciser. In fact I know for sure that I am going to wax and wane on that, and I rather like that part of my personality to be honest with you. So I'd like to learn how to make it work for me. I'll let you know how it goes.
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    Hey Jessi,
    so i'm going to have agree with what was said above in that i really feel you shouldn't give up formal exercise. i can completely understand about getting burned out from one thing or another so perhaps you could try something new say every 2 weeks? for me thats usu. how long it takes for me to lose interest but there are lots of different forms of exercise out there and you should never have to feel bored. i think angela's idea of starting a streak would help a lot. and again it doesn't have to be intense exercise every time, just a little bit to stay focused and on the right track. i've fallen into that mode where exercise was put on the back burner and honestly it's never worked. exercise does so much for you whether you're trying to lose or not. just think how wonderful you feel after a nice sweaty workout. that feeling is telling you that you are doing something right. i really don't want to see you fall into a rut because you've become bored with your routine. when it comes down to it, you just have to do it. as angela said, no excuses! you've made a commitment to yourself so don't give up on it yet, you can do it! we are here for you and will support you through your journey so take advantage of that and give us everything you've got!
    2527 days ago
    Oh, and if you add me as a friend I'll know when you've posted a blog. Thanks! I added you already.
    2528 days ago

    In my humble opinion, I don't think you should stop exercising. I used to have to talk myself into it constantly and i spent a good portion of the day trying to put it off. Something changed for me last December though. I made a deal with myself to exercise every day in December. Just one month of no excuses, no negotiations, just do it attitude. Now granted every day was completely different in that sometimes I'd workout long and hard, and some days all I could manage was a slow walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes. But something clicked for me that month and now I can't wait to exercise. I'm thinking that could happen for you too if you try the 30 day streak. Just go easy on yourself....it doesn't have to be a run all the time. Just do something. It helps you stay on track with food too.

    So there's one thought. Another is agreement with Wonderwoman that exercise is important to your health independant from weight loss aspects. Good for every organ and system in your body and helps prevent disease and bone loss.

    Maybe just aim for 3 times a week and put it in your schedule. That's a reasonable amount for maintenance/health down the road too. Anyway, I don't think you should give up on it yet. You might surprise yourself and become an exercise person down the road. Chasing kids is great exercise too though....I'm sure you're plenty active.

    Well, there's my 2 cents and tough love :-)


    2528 days ago
    OK Jessie, a little tough love coming your way. Maybe I'm misreading your post, but it sounds a little like you're giving up kinda easily. I'm not saying go out there and run full force every day, but do keep moving. If you don't feel like running, go for a walk, a bike ride, a swim, just dance like a silly girl. Yes, it is very important to get your eating into a good routine, but it is also important for your health to have activity.

    Trust me, I know. I was you all my life. It took turning 50 a couple years ago to realize it was important to my health to do this. A friend recently asked me how long it took me to *like* running. My honest answer was "two years!" Seriously!

    Stick with us girl! One way or another....remember, what I write is only my opinion.
    emoticon Sue
    2530 days ago
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