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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Feel okay...I exercised for 13 days in a row and took a break today. I dont think I have ever done that before! It fely good. My body was mildly sore just about everyday and I feel strong. I struggle (or maybe it's not a struggle) with staying inside my calorie range for 5 to 6 days out of 7 and then getting into that "last supper" eating mode on the day or 2 that I am more loose with my diet and dont count calories. Overall I do think I made progress with my night snacking.Toward the end of this week though I was feeling really hungry and inspired by a fellow sparker's blog about how when she works out ore she should stay at the top of her calorie range with healthy foods of course.
Also my trainer is telling me to eat more fat which I generally tend to shy away from because these foods contain more calories and I would rather eat more with less calories but she says in order for my body to burn fat I must eat some fat! Makes sense .I am feeling kind of bla ish for some reason but more on the good side than bad just kinda trudging along ....we shall see what hppens! I know what will happen in the morning though, a hike! good night!
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