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Cake Decorating - Week 2: Cake Redemption

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I didn't blog about my 2nd cake decorating class. It was too ... um ... tragic. I'm sure hormones had a little something to do w/ the fact that I cried all the way home last Tuesday evening. Poor Rich didn't know what to do w/ me. "My cake disintegrated," I texted him from class, and then dissolved into a heap of tears when I got home. "I just wanna make nice cakes," I sobbed, "I just wanna be crafty like the other girls." And then it hit me. This is a totally irrational response. I should be laughing at my "I Love Lucy"-esque evening. It HAD to be hormones! Whew! I'm not crazy. And sure enough, 3 days later, like clockwork, my hormonal reaction was confirmed. (OK, I know, TMI for some of you...)

My cake DID disintegrate in class Tuesday. We were "torting" our cakes - dividing the layers into more layers, and my cake totally fell apart. I was able to salvage 2 tort layers to make a puny little cake, but at least I had something...

Then we decorated the tops, using techniques we had learned thus far. I totally ran out of time. I mixed my colours in class & filled my bags & started on a fishie that was shown in our books. It came out looking a bit like an amoeba. It was pretty awful. But it was a rush job & only my 2nd class, so in retrospect, it looked pretty typical. But NOTHING like the other cakes in my class! Oh man! They were beautiful!! (We had my amoeba cake Thursday night w/ the kids & Daniel, bless his little heart said, "It does look like a fish." I LOVE that boy!! But regardless of what it looked like, it was really yummy!! I used a lemon filling. MMMmmmm)

I left Tuesday vowing I would buy cakes from then on, but then came to my senses & decided to exact Cake Revenge this weekend. I baked a new cake on Friday & it torted beautifully. I went through the Wilton website & found a really cute cake to make:

Wilton's "Pastel Posies" cake - my model

And this {drumroll} is MY cake:

Pretty good, huh, considering this is, like, my 3rd decorating project since finding out how to do this. :-)

More detail of the top:

I learned how to make leaves today, just for this cake. We learn them for real in class on Tuesday.

And this is the side.

Man, sides are kinda hard. I need to find a way to make gravity go sideways sometimes...

I'm pretty proud of myself. :-)

Tuesday we're doing cupcakes & learning flowers. Should be interesting...
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