I cant believe it happened so fast

Friday, March 11, 2011

On 20th Feb 11, I blogged that I have found a new pair of goal jeans. Today, 11 Mar 11, I suddenly felt like trying it on as I feel that my hip looked smaller in the mirror. The verdict - IT FITTED! Tight but unlike the last time, I can now zip it up. Woo Hoo!!! I need to look for a new pair! LOL. I still think that my upper body is growing bigger thou. I shall get one goal top too. So that I can be sure.

Really busy at work this week. Stayed late the whole week. I am so tired. Thats so many things to be done and I am the only one doing it. Good thing is I can enlist the help of my colleague from next week onwards. I wanna get my life back, wanna exercise and eat proper dinner. This whole week I have been eating supper. Am so hungry when I get home since I didnt eat proper dinner.

Just now I felt so stressed and ate the potato chips that I bought a long time ago. After eating it, I could feel the heatiness in my throat. I dont really feel happy eating it, dont think it taste nice too. So I decided to give the balance of the pack to another person. No point eating something that is not benefical to my body and I dont enjoy. I still like chocolate alot thou. =p
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