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Thursday, February 01, 2007

This came in last night - has to be one of my favorite posts ever on SparkPeople - from one of our all-time favorite members. In addition to losing 110 pounds in the past year, parttimer has also made 4,000 board posts to motivate other people on the site. Also, I LOVE seeing all the impact on her kids.

Go Moms! You can change the world (Dads too, but we have more Moms on the site since they are smarter :))

parttimer has just submitted a new topic.

Title: One Year Today

Message: WOW - WHAT A YEARS IT''S BEEN. There have been so many changes.
The most obvious would be the weight loss - 110#. As I was out walking the
other day, my shadow caught my eye. It was skinny and had a waist. Where did
that come from? I''ve never had a noticable waist. My BMI went from a 45 to
a 27. The obese label is gone forever. That''s progress.

Flexibility - well I can actually tie my shoes with the bow in the center of
the shoe not the side. LOL. Although I''ve always walked, I now make an
effort to do it EVERY day for at least 3 miles, complete with stretches,
warmups and cool downs. We''ve also become more active as a family. The kids
love geocaching and we go whever the weather permits. It was great to be
reminded about this hobby through an article from SPARKPEOPLE. Hiking
through the hills and valleys is enjoyable and no longer as much a

I still eat out more than I should but can make better food choices and
always stay within my calorie range with the correct combination of carbs,
fat and protein. My sodium level is way down as well as my blood pressure. I
was able to give blood again after being turned down for over 15 years
because of low iron. The entire family is eating more fruits and vegetables.
The kids are always carrying around water bottles - in the past it would
have been soda.

I''ve developed a more POSITIVE attitude towards my goals. Who am I
kidding - I never set goals before. I just made wishes and hoped that
somehow I would magically reach the goal. Setting steps and planning how to
reach those goals never occured to me. Since I never again thought about
goals, I never reached them. Weight loss wasn''t even a NEW YEAR RESOLUTION
anymore. Why bother? I''ve noticed that the kids have also begun to post
little motivational signs up in various places in the house and encourage
each other more. THANKS.

Using my SPARKJAR, I made a plan for paying for Christmas this year and have
it completely paid off. Something that never happened before. I also used
SPARKGUYS challenge to set up savings CD for each of my 5 kids and secret
savings for myself. 2 credit cards have been paid off and the accounts

I still have weight to lose but I''m confident that over the next few months
that to will disappear.

To SPARKGUY and his entire staff, I will always be indebted for this amazing
site and their support. It may be free but to me it''s worth a million. I
wouldn''t even have made an attempt if I hadn''t found SPARKPEOPLE. THANKS.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    So motivating, thanks for sharing.
    2214 days ago
    This was very motivating to me. I have set up some stepping stones to reach the other side. The thin healthier me. To me this was more than an
    coincidence in finding this site. I am touched and motivated by alot of the stuff I have read. I just want to thank everyone on this site. I desparately was searching for something like this. I kept telling my fiance that I need a group to help me with my eating. Oh I forgot to tell you I am new here.

    4029 days ago
  • ROCKET49
    Hey Parttimer! Thanks so much for posting your inspirational message. I actually copied it and printed it off so I would be able to put it in my notebook & have it available when I start to swerve off my health path. Congratulations and good luck on reaching your final goal! Rocket49 (Sharon)
    4050 days ago
    Hey i just read your blog. WOW congrats. It is so inspirational I am looking forward to losing that much weight, myself. I have been here for 3 days but reading some of the success stories give me hope & a little extra push to get off my rump & do something about it. Thank you so much for posting that.
    4051 days ago
    What an amazing and motivating story of true life hard work and dedication!! I am so impressed. You haven't given up and it sound like you are on the right path,not only with your weight loss,but with your life overall. I am proud of this woman!!!
    4052 days ago
    Hey, I'm a "side of the shot" bow tier. I'd like to see that gone, too. What is a "SparkJar?" That sounds like something I'd like to do.

    4053 days ago
  • FAYE.B
    What a miraculous cascade of changes you've brought about in your life! Thanks for posting this hope giving message.
    4054 days ago
  • STEVE2632
    Great success story. Life changing discovories like this should inspire us all.

    4054 days ago
    Congrats, I really didn't want to exercise this afternoon because I live in Chicago and we got hit with snow today.but after I read this post I done 60 onthe treadmill and 45 on the bike. Thanks for the motivation. michelle
    4054 days ago
    Isn't Parttimer the gratest? She's one of my favorites, too! Incredibly consistent, hard-working, and all this positive energy...
    4054 days ago
    Since finding SP last year I have lost 20 pounds! This time I am doing it right, slow and steady and it's staying off! You'll never know how grateful I am for SP!
    4054 days ago
  • MU55IN
    Congratulations. Sparks has had a similar effect on my life. Since September I have lost 15 lbs andtaken back the control of my life and environment. I have cleaned out the linen closet, the bathroom cupboards and my clothes cupboard. That may seem small but for a couple of years I would continually look at them, feel discouraged and shut the door. With Sparks I now feel capable -I can do things, I am not overwhelmed. It is baby steps that get you to the mile marker.
    I am happy trying new things again, meeting new people. I recognize myself as the person I was 20 years ago.
    So thanks SparkGuy
    You have helped to change many people's lives.
    4054 days ago
    What a wonderful letter...I am so happy that you have done so well, not only with your weight but with your whole family...Congratulations.
    4055 days ago
    I've been a member of sparkpeople since october but I've only been really serious about it for about 2 1/2 weeks now...I've read many of the success stories, and after reading this..it only motivates me to lose the weight. lol I don't remember how I found sparkpeople but I am so glad that I have...Here's hoping (and working towards) a year from now that I can post my own success story=] Thanks for making sparkpeople what it is today.
    4062 days ago
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