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Throwing in the towel too SOON!!!(tons of pics)

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Sunday, March 06, 2011

hi all

I have been wanting to write this blog!!! and she gave me the last piece!

That is my blog in a NUTSHELL!!!!

And sorry old SP friend for recycling pics!

this is 2005 (not my current bef, don't have one)

IF I had QUIT on the first week when EATING right was sooo DARN HARD! emoticon

How did I know that I was going to EMBARK in a running Career?

IF I had QUIT because my KNEES were hurting like a B@%@!!!

How did I know that it was BECAUSE of my Weight that it hurts? ( 4 wks later pain free)

IF I had QUIT because RUNNING was HARD, lungs were EXPLODING, and Muscle ACHED!!

How would I know that I run 100% of my first 5k, only 3 wks into my running career? (44 min)

IF I was just SATISFIED with my 5k at being 44 min....

How would I know that I was going to start the c25k and end at 2nd 5k in 28 mins? (4 wks later)

IF I Had QUIT running because I FINISHED the c25k program......

How would I know that was able to run 13.1 miles 5 wks later in 2 hours!!??

At this point... I hit my MEGA 160 plateau!!! 6 monh in counting....

IF I had QUIT at this plateau...........

How did I know I would end it looking like this!!!!???

How did I know I can button and zip a tight size 4?

How would I know I would celebrate my hubby's b-day looking like this?

How would I know I would fit into a little red dress size 4!!?

IF I had stopped at RUNNING........

How would I have known that I would start p90x!!!???

How would I know that I dare buy my first bikini??

How would I know that the inspiration pic I soo want to look like!!!

IS soooooooooooooooooo CLOSE!!!!!

Here is to another 6 months!!!!!!

I will NOT THROW in the TOWEL

Because this can potentially be me after another 60+ days of p90xing

ADD since posting:

How would I know I would ever OWN a size 2!!!
NEVER in my life! Un-Real!!!!! (smallest size ever is 10!!!)

Got into size 4 after 30 day of that pic!!!

See you in 30 days Size 2!!!!!

Are you going to throw in the towel?
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