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Casomorphins and Gliadomorphins for Food Addiction

Friday, March 04, 2011

Have I ever mentioned Dogtor J? I think I have, but I must again. His blogs have enlightened me since 2006, so I want to pay him forward. Someone in a Diet and Nutrition thread asked about people's thoughts on milk and I wanted to back up my experience on how depression lessened off the drug of dairy. I shared this link after a quick google search for casomorphins. One link was for Oprah? I wondered why Oprah would have ANYTHING as controversial as this topic (the public seemed to not appreciate the vegan stuff), so I checked out the link. Oh, of course, it's in the comment section: and was written by my Dogtor J, celiac veterinarian. Nary a comment to his brilliant share either. I wonder what people thought if they read it? A lot of people I hang with already get this, but if this is new to you, please share your initial thoughts. I'd love to know!


The morphine-like substances, casomorphins and gliadomorphins, which we derive from dairy and wheat respectively, are critical to our understanding of the power of these two foods in our health and well-being.

Casomorphins are formed during our attempt to digest casein, the glycoprotein that makes up 80-86% of the protein content of cow's milk (versus 0-2% of goat's milk). It is this same protein that can induce villous atrophy of the duodenum (intestinal lining damage) and a malabsorption syndrome similar to that seen in celiac disease, or gluten intolerance. It is casein that is used by Borden to make Elmer's Glue.

The gliadomorphins are derived from gliadin, one of the main proteins found in the gluten grains (wheat, barley, and rye). Gluten is also used to make industrial adhesives, as are soy and corn. All four of these foods are capable of damaging the lining of the intestinal tract and leading to the malabsorption of calcium, iron, iodine, B complex, C, and trace minerals (e.g. zinc, magnesium, lithium, boron, and more). This malabsorption syndrome contributes greatly to the ill health of the brain (and immune system), setting the stage for the action of these food-derived opiods.

Both casomorphins and gliadomorphins are morphine-like opiods that have been likened to drugs like LSD. They can be very sedating and addictive and help to explain why 75% of the calories in the standard American diet (S.A.D.) come from wheat and dairy alone. Food addiction is a very real thing and these opiods play a huge role.

As many of you know and have expressed, autistic children are very addicted to wheat and dairy, which is consistent with the tenet that we become addicted to what will make us ill (cigarettes, drugs, alcohol and food ). There are no healthy addictions and food is no exception. If an individual feels that they cannot give up cheese or bread, then they are very likely to be having a problem with one of these foods. I talk with people like this all of the time and can use that dependency to help them see that those very foods are a major contributor to their IBS, arthritis, asthma, depression/chronic fatigue, or other typical signs associated with food intolerance. And withdrawal from these foods can lead to classic drug-withdrawal symptoms.

These sedating compounds are also the single biggest contributing factor to post-meal drowsiness. I have proven this in my own life as I used to become extremely sleepy after meals starting in my late 30's. My wife was beginning to think I was a narcoleptic. I would literally pass out during our favorite TV show. I no longer exhibit this annoying and even dangerous symptom now that I am gluten and dairy-free. In fact, it has been stated that more people die from falling asleep at the wheel while driving than from alcohol-related accidents. What could be doing this? What could keep us from doing the most important thing (staying awake) while driving down the Interstate at 65-80 mph? Now we know. Throw alcohol into the mix and we have a tragic situation just waiting to happen.

We need to become very familiar with these two terms. Sadly, I have yet to casually meet anyone who was knowledgeable about these substances during the seven years I have been reading about them...not a doctor nor a lay person. That is amazing to me. And yet they play a vital role in the lives of the multitudes, contributing to autistic symptoms, food addiction, clinical depression, chronic fatigue, caffeine addiction, highway deaths, and more.

Amaze your friends! Commit these to memory and talk about them at dinner parties. You'll be the focus of attention. Now, "Go have some nice, warm milk and get a good night's sleep". Talk about knowing something without really KNOWING it."

emoticonHe cracks me up: "Amaze your friends! Commit to memory and talk about them at dinner parties." Love it. Yeah, they'll remember you alright - lol Oprah link. His new site: , his old one (he's chattier, and I like that):

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • -SHAWN-
    What surprised me was how much better goat milk was...

    All in all, I think after drinking our moms milk, we should be done with the stuff altogether. Unfortunately I wasn't raised that-a-way. So getting off dairy is going to be such a challenge. I guess that means I'm a dope
    2512 days ago
    I do enjoy better health with less dairy and gluten in my diet.
    Thanks for this blog. I have passed this information on to family and friends.
    2514 days ago
    Thanks for this information. I have to admit I never knew any of it.

    What about things like almond and soy based milks?

    2514 days ago
    A celiac veterinarian? I had no idea there was any such thing. I guess that would work for dogs and cats but what about herbivores? Just nuts and seeds? Do they have celiac disease too?

    Why am I not surprised that your "doctor/dogtor" is a vet? LO. emoticon

    Is it possible that anything of importance has come from Oprah? I'm amazed if so. I thought Oz and Roizen were in love with whole grains and such.
    2515 days ago
  • WEEZYB7881
    thanks for the ongoing education. valuable informaiton. I am working with a doc right now because my dermatitis herpetiformis (celiac) is not healing properly. please keep sharing this information. man yof us benefit from your knowledge.
    2515 days ago
    emoticon for the education. I did not know these terms. Nor had I ever heard of DogtorJ. I will do some more reading.
    2515 days ago
    emoticon Even as I was reading that the cheese junkie was thinking "Oh good! Goat is only 0-2% I can have that!!" emoticon Cheese is the devil! I must not succumb!
    2515 days ago
  • BOBF15
    Thank you for this blog and passing along the information.

    I may well have an addiction to milk and wheat.

    These are "comfort foods" for me.

    I also suffer from arthrities and it is likely the toxins produced from the casins are collecting in my joints.

    I am going to cut back, and if my family would cooperate would like to totally go gluten and milk free. emoticon

    Milk has such a strong "American" connection. 'When I was a boy, I watched a TV show and at noon, we toasted the President with a glass of milk while they played Hail to the Chier.

    To not drink milk... is almost un American. emoticon emoticon
    2516 days ago
    Thank you! I have heard of the opiate like effect of casein and I totally have experienced it. I told my Nutritionist that I felt tired and almost drugged after drinking milk and she said go off it for a month. I did and had more energy! I also am cutting out dairy and I keep getting headaches turns out I may have been addicted to it? Wow! I used to joke that I was addicted to frozen yogurt turns out I was.

    I am also looking into going Primal so if you have any words of advice on that please Spark Mail me and I would love to add you!

    2516 days ago
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