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So one thing people have when they lose weight, for the most part, is expectation; something long or short term that they expect to happen if they lose weight. What are yours?

This was a question asked to me by a vlogger on YouTube... but really it's been coming up a lot lately in various forms. I have written and re-written a response 12 times. It’s just so darn complex unless I only factor in the actual losing weight part.

If I were to believe the media it will cure all my health problems, make me happy, give me the perfect family, and fix allllllllllll my problems. Only I don’t believe the media. I mostly find the media to be a shallow, highly processed, and completely biased form of visual and mental junk food… one I generally don’t agree with and wish would change, even though I understand why it probably won’t.

So what are my expectations for weight loss?

My expectations for weight loss include one thing… losing weight.

That being said, I have to admit I’d like what the media is selling. To get all the above just by losing weight is nearly impossible, but is it if I include it in a lifestyle change? Maybe not, I mean there will always be problems in life.. being as it’s life… but a whole lot of the big points can be covered in the following:

· Social: this is closely tied with knowledge and mental, but yet altogether different too. Making ties with many of the people and groups online via SparkPeople, YouTube, Live Journal and locally have been integral. They help give me the support I need to help me learn and processes many of the above into reality. It lets me know I’m not alone. In addition I plan on keeping up with everything once I reach my goal weight. I think they are more important than to just drop my social network (online or real life) when I meet my goal.

· Mental: Weight loss will probably make me happy as I see the numbers go down on the scale… but honestly so much goes into being happy that it’s a little too much to place all that just on losing weight. Lots of things going into making me happy, and a whole lot of that has nothing to do with losing weight and a whole lot to do with the mental part of me. What’s even more amusing is for me to lose weight and keep it off I find that I must work on making me mentally okay with me and my life. Sooooo much goes into this. This is imo the hardest and the most important for me. I don’t probably need to be happy to lose weight… but I do need to make myself at least copasetic with most things mentally to keep it off.

· Stress: This one really ties into the mental category… but it’s important enough and causality of weight gain for me is enough that I decided it needed its own category. I must work on my stress management categories. I must learn when to fight, and when to realize it really doesn’t matter and let it go. If I were a breed of dog it would be a pit bull or bulldog. Not because of my shape, but because I will cause my own extreme levels of stress by worrying, stressing, or fighting over something that is honestly better just left alone. So learning to pick my battles and what I’m going to stress over is pretty big. Also how I process life’s issues filters into this as well (financial, people, job, etc).

· Knowledge: In addition to Mental, I decided knowledge was important. Learning more about how my body functions, what it really needs (versus what it wants), and more about health, nutrition, exercise, and me. All of this will help me remain and continue to be successful in this process and beyond. Resources like SparkPeople, LiveJournal, YouTube, and written and verbal information that is available locally, in my local book store, and/or via the intarwebz are all valuable resources.

· Health: Weight loss may cure some of my health problems, but chances are I’d have to include some type of exercise in with that weight loss program for them to go away… and exercise is not required for weight loss. It’s also possible genetics will decide I will have high blood pressure forever and ever. Time will tell. My girly problems have been ongoing since I wasn’t overweight… I somehow don’t think losing weight will fix those… but chances are they will improve them.

· Exercise: I want to love exercise. This one is harder. I like the way I feel when I exercise, I like meeting new challenges and succeeding… but I don’t need this to lose weight. Sure it makes things easier, but it’s not required. I keep trying new things, and the more I try the more I find things I actually “like” doing. This gives me more things to do since not everything is strictly considered exercise, and some of it is closer to recreation. Making exercise something I love to do makes it something I’m more likely to stick with long term… even if it ends up being canoeing.

· Food: So this one is somewhat required for weight loss. Calories in must be less than calories required to lose weight. BUT I want to learn to love healthy lower calorie food. This means not just eating calories … but still sustaining myself through the drive through. It means learning how to not hate the kitchen.. or at least find something I want to live with.

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