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Thursday, March 03, 2011

so i had a bad day. well bad week rather, i have some family stuff going on with my mother whom is a drug addict. ( I'm sorry if this is too much to be talking about on here but i think i just have to get it out)...
the story
my grandma raised my little sister and i because our mother is a drug addict she has been in and out of our lives our whole lives.. (more out then in).. she mostly lived in prison. she had been out for about the last two years living with my grandmother she relapsed a couple times in that time frame. well over the weekend she stole my unhealthy grandmas car and took it to some crack house and got it stuck so we (my husband, sister and i) drove out of town to get it unstuck and back home to my grandmother and well we left her there and sadly that's were shed rather be... as a mother today i can never understand where she was coming from i would never leave my kids. my whole life revolves around to everyone else i try so hard to pretend that her actions dont bother me anymore, i mean why should they I've only been going through this my whole life you would think that i would be used to this.. so i put on a "its her life why should i care front" but deep down it hurts just as bad is it did when i was a littler girl. just so everyone that's reads this knows I'm not looking for sympathy i just needed to get this out and move on so i can get over it and its really hard for me to express myself and open up to people but writing it on here doesn't seem as scary for me...

so I've been over eating this past few days for emotional reasons and i want so bad to get past this because this has alot of reasons that i am the way i am now so i was hoping that if i get it out i will feel better and stop hurting myself.. i weighed in today and instantly got depressed i worked soo hard last week and messed it all up over the weekend i had not lost even a pound so i was thinking that i might try one of those low carb diets for a while. when really i just need to learn how to cope with emotional stuff and just keep doing what I'm doing and i know i will reach my goals for the long term!
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SPACEYKP 3/4/2011 11:08AM

    First off, you should be proud that you are brave enough to open up and share your story. Writing, either publicly or privately, can be a great way to get your emotions out and clear your head so you can make the right choices for you and your family. My husband went through a similar childhood with his dad and ended up being close to and mostly being raised by his grandpa. It makes me proud to know that he didn't choose to follow his dad's example. And it makes me proud to see that you are doing the same thing. Even though you don't understand why your mom did what she did, you're choosing to use it as motivation to give your children a life and a mother that they deserve to have.

Sometimes when I feel like emotional eating might take over, I try to get out and go for a short walk. I take the time to think about what is going on so I can work through the emotions instead of eating them. And it helps me out. As for the low-carb diet, I've tried those. I did Atkins for two whole weeks. I lost 7 pounds, but I dearly missed bread so I gave up on it. If you think you can really stick to a low-carb plan for the long term, then it might be good to try it. On the flip side of that, carbs are really good mood enhancers. So not eating enough could make your emotional eating worse. Instead of doing the real low-carb diets, maybe try just cutting a serving or two of grain-type carbs out of your day. You'll still want some whole grains, but avoid refined carbs and white carbs and eat more good carbs from fruit. Citrus fruits and vitamin C supplements can really help you deal with stress and improve your mood too.

Just remember to keep moving forward and one day you'll get to your goals!

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