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How could they do this???

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Or more importantly, how will I respond?!!! That's the real question.

This is our 4th year visiting this place. We love it is the devil's den for me. Dh loves to eat out. I get loose ends... and I snack.

Dh & I bike, but not with enough exertion or miles to burn enough calories. It's the best he can do & I'm glad we can bike together after lots of health issues for him.

I'm too embarrassed to share all the details of the ridiculous "snacking'' I've done here. And the pounds I've gained here....only to spend the rest of the year losing them...year after year. The first year involved hidden bags of Hershey's kisses which I consumed....secretly. Each year it was a different temptation.-- all resulting in weight gain and months of losing those same, silly pounds.. .again..again...again.

I have a special event in July for which I'd like to wear a stunning new dress. I don't want to gain weight this time. In fact, I want to lose.

It will require tremendous self control when we eat out so frequently. It will require serious...I will mean Serious Dedication to exercise which will interfere with others' plans and desires and will be labeled "obsessing about weight." I'm a people's hard for me to take a stand and inconvenience others.

Today's temptation:After 62 minutes of hard exercise, we came to the condo, which has been redecorated. New furniture, TV, bedding...very nice. And on the counter top, a huge 6" Hershey's kiss-shaped container holding 10 kisses. sigh. I ate 2, hid the container in a drawer and have been dying to eat them. Tomorrow they go in the trash and the container REMAINS in the drawer...out of sight, out of mind.

Tomorrow is March 2, Day 2. It's the only day I have to worry about all day tomorrow. Future days are not a concern....I just have to do tomorrow correctly. That's all. One day. That's how I'll respond.
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  • MATRIX49
    How are we doing in this 24hour segment? I will say no to chocolate today with the help of fellow SparkPeople like yourself and others. Thanks!
    Had an apple w/ a little lowfat cheese, a couple of walnuts and a tbsp of raisins for snack this am...I hope I can keep it up!
    2545 days ago
    In your mind rename them the kiss of doom! And yes, you only have to worry about one day at a time. When I began back in Sept I worried about an hour at a time. Food was such a strong seducer for me. You can and will fine tune your body and when you don your gown this summer you will be smashing!
    2545 days ago
    emoticon You only live once. Be Encouraged. You are enjoying yourself right. emoticon
    2546 days ago
    I really do understand.....been there....and I LOVE chocolate...any shape and size!! LOL! emoticon
    emoticon for trashing the remainder of Kisses!! It takes guts! =))
    2546 days ago
    "It's the only day I have to worry about all day tomorrow. Future days are not a concern....I just have to do tomorrow correctly."

    I'm so glad that I popped over to read your blog. I will be thinking long and hard about your words. Thank you.

    Toss the chocolate, absolutely. I know you'll be wearing that new dress this summer and looking fantastic!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2547 days ago
  • MATRIX49
    Sorry about the double post...not quite sure how that happened!
    2547 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/4/2011 10:56:54 AM
  • MATRIX49
    Try bringing a bunch of fruit into the condo and put it in the Kisses container in the fridge. Keep it full! When you crave, eat some fruit!
    We have a big jar of Kisses where I work, and I try to avoid them entirely, but if I succumb, I say I am only going to have two(22 cal. ea.). I let them dissolve in my mouth and most days, this gets me out the door.
    When all else fails, I ask the higher power to help me if I really mean it! I know that I cannot simply make up my mind to change my habits without getting some help. You have been encouraging to me, and I hope that I can return the favor.
    Have healthy snacks in the condo before you go out, ,you won't be as hungry
    Drink lots of water!
    Basic training kind of stuff
    One day at a time...1440 minutes!
    2547 days ago
    I so hear you on the eating habits and it is a horrible struggle -- my heart hurts for you from understanding! Tossing the candy is good. Standing up for yourself is also good. I know it's hard, but if you need to have 30 minutes a day (or 60 or whatever) do exercise, then do it. Stick to it for you, and if your friends think you're obsessing...well, they're not very good friends if they can't understand. The suggestion to ask the hosts to not leave candy in your condo is another good one. Sometimes we must ask for what we need, and there is nothing wrong with doing that! If you're a people please, well, you're a people as well, so you should be pleasing you! See how that worked? LOL!

    Hang in there, and you're right -- all you can do is taking it one day at a time, and one choice at a time. Plan ahead when you can, and make the best choices possible when you can't.

    2547 days ago
    Request that the hosts not put any more candy in your condo. You are in charge. They are only trying to please you, and if they knew how it taints your memories of this place, they would change their approach. Ask for apples or bananas instead.
    2547 days ago
    Yes take one day at a time, I am so like you if there is cholotate around (or anything for that matter) I am not happy till its eaten (by me) I can't have it in the house so I don't buy it. You are doing well with your bike riding every bit helps, you will get there look after your self nobody else will, just think of how great you will look in that lovely dress you can send us photo's of you in it all the best on your weight lose journey.
    2547 days ago
    That's the attitude. You can only worry about one day at a time. As for the eating out... you can do that no sweat... every place has salads, or soup or grilled chicken or grilled veggies. And just eat out once and keep fresh fruit and stuff in the condo.

    You're so lucky that you get to travel so often. It is amazing that you generally maintain or lose weight. So... toss the chocolates, stock up on the good stuff, plan each eating out.

    And I'm going to take your strategy... only worry about 1 day at a time.

    And Have Fun! Can't wait to hear about the new dress!!!!
    2548 days ago
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